Ubuntu founder says SCREW YOU!! to Microsoft "deal"

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth has said there’s no chance of Ubuntu giving in to Microsoft’s protection racket.
Novell, Linspire and Xandros have all signed up to Microsoft’s “interoperativity” deal – basically kissing Bill Gates’s ring in return for a promise that Microsoft won’t sue them for patent infringement – but Shuttleworth’s too canny to fall for such a blatant confidence trick.
You’d think it would be obvious to everyone.  Microsoft claim that Linux infringes 238 patents – but won’t specify what these patents are.  Ubuntu and Red Hat are saying “Put up or shut up!”  And Billy-boy still won’t say, he’s just trying to make threatening noises.  Dickhead.
If Microsoft don’t specify the patents, Ubuntu can’t stop infringing on them.  So Microsoft is perpetuating the situation.  Of course, Billy-boy says the only solution is to sign up for his deal.  But that’s a bunch of crap – the real way out would be for Microsoft to spell out where Linux code infringed on these patents, then Linux hackers could code work-arounds.
I can understand Xandros and Linspire falling for this dumb-ass trick.  Xandros has never been a true part of the Linux community, they’re just out to make a buck off other people’s work.  And Linspire… well, they used to be called “Lindows”, and their “unique selling point” was making Linux look and act like Windows… ’nuff said!
But Novell… hell, those guys have been in the business a long time, they have plenty of experience.  I guess maybe their surrender convinced the other weak hearts to crap out… and that makes me wonder all the more why Novell succumbed…
I’m not saying bribery and corruption.  No way am I saying that!

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