Jury fails to find guilty 2 of the alleged 21-7-2005 bombers

The defendants that the jury did manage to convict: (clockwise) Hussain Osman, Muktar Said Ibrahim,  Ramzi Mohammed and Yassin Omar – 2 more “alleged terrorists” were not found guilty despite the police’s best efforts to “stitch them up”.
So, 4 of the 6 have been found guilty – pending appeals – and the jury failed to come to a decision about the other 2 – Manfu Kwaku Asiedu and Adel Yaha.  This strongly suggests that the CPS’s so-called “strong evidence” if full of crap.  The judge has ordered the prosecution to decide by tomorrow if they want to retry Asiedu and Yaha.  This implies that the judge, Mr Justice Fulford QC, knows too damn well how weak the case is.
After decisions have been taken tomorrow, I’ll be able to give a fuller account of this trial.  But for now, heed these words: everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  And often, even those who are found guilty are soon revealed to be innocent, the result of police and prosecution fit-ups.

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