Saint Gordon is holier than thou, Saint Tony!

Seems to me that being prime minister is now like being a mini-pope or some such crap. Remember how Tony Blair went to see the (real) Pope in the dying days of his premiership? Like he was after the Big Yin’s stamp of approval on his achievements? (Not that it worked – the Papa wasn’t best pleased with Tony’s crusading achievements in Iraq!)
Well now Gordon Brown’s playing the holy moral card.,,2124206,00.html
He started off by telling the BBC that he’s the son of a Church of Scotland minister – like that’s meant to impress us all – then followed up by putting the kibosh on the plans for Manchester’s super-casino. This last he did without telling the Cabinet, it seems, which has aroused some ire. Forget all his pious “servant”-style bullshit in his first speech as party leader – he’s obviously going to be as “presidential” as Blair ever was.
(Which kind of reminds me… when Blair became prime minister, he too went on about how the Labour Party had been voted in, not to lead, but to serve… a bunch of shit that lasted about 10 minutes as I recall…)
Brown’s trying to regain some of the “moral” ground that he lost when the Mail and the Telegraph applauded the Tories’ plan to give married couples extra tax credits (in other words punishing the children of unmarried parents).
But we don’t want a prime minister who’s obsessed with morality and piety and sucking the Pope’s cock. We want a prime minister – a government – that’s going to return to the Labour Party’s core values, support the working people, tax the rich appropriately, save public services…
Well, that’s what most sensible folk want. The Tories, and, it seems, those high-up in the Labour Party, want to carry on screwing everyone else.
And me, I want rid of the lot of them: Tory, Labour, Liberal, all the “democratic” politician scum. Vive l’Anarchie!!!
Shit, sorry… got a bit carried away there…

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