Coming soon – nuclear war with Iran! (maybe)

The world has gone fucking mad!!!   The French (you gotta love ’em) has threatened war with Iran!!!
As  BBC News  reported:
Mr Kouchner has sounded the alarm over Iran’s nuclear programme
French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner says the world should prepare for war over Iran’s nuclear programme.
“We have to prepare for the worst, and the worst is war,” Mr Kouchner said in an interview on French TV and radio.
Mr Kouchner said negotiations with Iran should continue “right to the end”, but an Iranian nuclear weapon would pose “a real danger for the whole world”.
Iran has consistently denied it is trying to acquire nuclear weapons but intends to carry on enriching uranium.

Bernard Kouchner telling Iran: “This means war!”
Okay, so the French aren’t actually saying “Let’s fry ’em now!”, but remember this – France are the one Western permanent member of the UN Security Council that is ever moderate over Iran.  The USA (and their UK poodles) are usually the ones being all aggressive, and the French usually need to calm them down.  Now France is getting all feisty…. what more encouragement could a fruitcake like George Bush need???
And remember this – the other two permanent members, Russia and China, are far more relaxed about Iran’s nuclear programme – Russia’s actually helping Iran to build one nuclear power station.  Whose side will they be on if Bush goes off on one?????

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  1. Well in light of what was found with the israeli raid nuke materials and the explosion in the iranian missile factory with bio weapons i think for sure they will attack and rightly so the iranians are just playing the west and the news reporters for fools with properganda whilst building wmd and bio weapons and make no mistake his proxy terroist friends will use them while they sit back and deny eveything as usual ,they started the war with the us in iraq by proxy and they have been caught out its time they paid for all the terroist activity once and for all ,and if they think they will defeat usa they are really dreaming no matter what weapons they have ,they are behind most of the trouble in the middle east and along with syria are supporting and running the terroists ,so say goodbye iran they will do a real number on you thisd time !!

  2. Jack, I just gotta reply to your comment that Iran “started the war with the US in Iraq”. I think you’ll find the US started that one – with fake WMD stories to “justify” an invasion.
    Oh, and Israel bombed an IRAQI nuclear facility, not Iranian.
    One last thing – whoever you may “support”, it would make no difference who won in a war against a real terrorist state which possessed WMDs. Sure, the US could fry Tehran. Then the terrorist sleepers in America, Europe, Australia and wherever else your paranoid imagination has them, will detonate their bio-weapons, chemical agents and dirty bombs, in NY, London, Rome, Berlin, Sydney, LA, your town. Especially your town!

  3. well martin x NO it was in syria they took out the nuke facility recently which was run by iran syria n/korea ,and as far as the sleepers go they are there anyway no matter what ,so are you saying just let them be and do their own thing when they want ? no best to get the main culprit, and flush out the sleepers there is no way eccept to stand and fight and send all muslims back to the desert if we have to thats where they belong not in any civilised country thats for sure . And the explosion was in a syrian/iran/ bio weapons factory that killed 16 rocket engineers .

  4. I cant believe that we are selling uranium to russia or china ,i know weith china we have huge trade so i can kind of understand that but russia have they gone mad? the usa was here when the deal was done so i can only assume there is a lot more to it than meets the eye ,i agree totaly with you they should not sell uranium to china or russia as it is very high grade ,russia says it wont sell itto iran yeah right how could anyone possibly check anything in those countries? especially when i think they are the ones behind iran and the terroists .!!

  5. So Jack, you think the way to go is to “send all muslims back to the desert”? It’s good to know that you’re a dumb-ass racist cunt.
    As far as the Syrian “nuclear facility” goes – okay, it was Syria, not Iraq. I was thinking of the place the Israelis bombed a good while ago. But remember this: just because the Israelis say it was a nuclear facility, don’t mean it was one. Syria says that’s bullshit. Also, what in hell makes you think Iran and North Korea had anything to do with the so-called nuclear facility? Iran has its own facilities, which it is open and proud about. And North Korea is a nuclear power already.
    Jack, the crap you’re coming out with shows that you’re an utter imbecile – a xenophobic moron and probably a pedophile.

  6. The only reason for war, is that there is too much oil money going somewhere it “shouldn’t”. AND we are presently headed for economic disaster. The DRAFT will be back as our military is all over the place….Oh yes, and martial law is coming as there will be no fuel to run the country’s economy.

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