How to find *free* music on the web!

There are all these torrents and file-sharing services that everyone uses nowadays. I’m not going to tell you about them, in fact I don’t know very much about them. Never used them in my life. No, I use a much more sinister, arcane method to find music to download, for free, on the internet.
Google Is Your Friend(tm)
I’m being absolutely serious about this. If you use the search method I’m about to explain, you will likely find music files that you want, all for free. Illegal of course, but I won’t tell if you don’t 😉
Okay, let’s assume that you’re an Arctic Monkeys fan and you want to get hold of their album Brianstorm – but you don’t want to buy the CD, and the idea of paying for downloads is just too unnatural to you. Well, fire up Google (it’s at, just in case you’ve never used it!), and in the search terms field type the following:
intitle:index.of mp3 arctic monkeys brianstorm
You’ll get a whole heap of search results – as is the Google way, alas – but if you sift through them you will be sure to find a site where some kind soul has posted all the tracks off Brianstorm. I know this, you see, because that’s how I got the album.
Unfortunately it can be a little difficult finding recent music – the mp3s are often out there, but raking through the Google results can be disspiriting. But if you’re like me – a fan of “old” music, like from the ’60s and ’70s, you’re laughing. I found every album ever released by The Doors – loads of Janis Joplin/Big Brother and the Holding Company including tracks that I don’t think were ever officially released – reggae reggae reggae, by Bob Marley of course, and Lee “Scratch” Perry, and hundreds of bands and singers I’d never heard of before. If you’ve got an eclectic, adventurous taste in music, Google will introduce you to stuff that you’ll love til the day you die!
I used to have a half-decent collection of Red Hot Chilli Peppers CDs and cassettes, but they mysteriously disappeared when I moved house. I was gutted… then Google came to the rescue, and now I can keep the neighbours up all night with that heavy funk.
So just remember the simple formula. If you wanted Beatles tracks, you’d search for
intitle:index.of mp3 beatles
If you wanted reggae, no particular artist in mind, you’d type
intitle:index.of mp3 reggae
It’s a real simple formula – takes moments to learn, and will serve you well for years. So go on – fire up Google – see how much royalty money you can scam those stinking-rich rockstars for!!
PS:  I’ve amassed a good collection of tunes thanks to Google, and the many kindly souls who have posted their mp3 collections on the net.  So, one of these days, I swear to the Goddess, I’m gonna stick all my music files on a website so fellow musical adventurers can benefit from the internet’s bounty.  It needn’t cost me anything – there are loads of companies that do free hosting – and if the Recording Artistes Cartel lean on my host to shut me down, I’ll just move my mp3s to another site.  Music, like knowledge, wants to be free!  Let’s make it happen!
PPS: Just in case some droid from the music industry is reading this and planning to do me in court for piracy or copyright violation or whatever they call it – I’ve made it all up!  It’s just a pipe dream, a bit of fiction!  I’d never steal from the poor, impoverished record companies!  😉

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  1. Boombob – I don’t know. I guess it’s possible that some nasty-minded individuals may have hidden viruses in music files that they put up for free download. But I haven’t been infected yet. (That might be because I use Linux, not Windows. So, there’s a good reason to switch to Linux!)

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