Jack Straw's a "have a go hero"

128x128_labour_2007.gifJack Straw, the UK justice minister, has publicly told how, on four seperate occasions, he has “had a go” when witnessing crime – and twice detained “suspects”!  In the UK that is “false imprisonment” at least – maybe even kidnap!  But no, you can get away with anything if you know the right people – right, Jack? 😉
Now he wants to make sure the law is on the side of people who beat up and torture criminals! Remember that farmer who killed a burglar, shot him in the back with a shotgun? Straw says that man’s a hero!
Jack Straw, justice minister – and self-confessed vigilante!
It’s weird that, when Blair was PM, Straw was solidly against “have a go heroes” – Blair’s government didn’t want to “give vigilantes a license to kill”.
Well Straw’s changed his mind. So watch it! If you need to go to the all-night shop for some bread at 2 in the morning, you better hope you don’t bump into Straw – he’ll cut your throat as a ne’er-do-well before you can say a word!

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  1. If you knowingly and willingly commit a crime against (in most cases) the weakest members of society, why should it be wrong for stronger members to help? If you break the law then you forfeit the right to be treated like the very people you spat in the face of in the name of making some quick money. If you abuse people you deserve in turn to be abused yourself.

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