So what happened to Madeleine McCann?

The tale of Madeleine’s disappearance struck a chord with many, many people all over the world.  A pretty young girl, presumably kidnapped, to Goddess knows what abhorrent ends – it hardly bears thimking about.
Maddy’s parents seemed to hold it together better than many would have done – they have delivered numerous coherent appeals for information, and they have stuck to their opinion that Maddy is not dead – that she is being held against her will somewhere.
I don’t want to diss the McCann’s approach and mindset.  This is how they want do deal with the tragedy, and I completely understand.  Is Maddy alive or dead?  I don’t know.  And my opinion is worthless anyway.
But now the twist in the tale has come… the Portugese police think they have sufficient evidence to point to the McCanns killing Maddy (possibly/probably by accident), then using a hire car to dispose of the corpse.  I’m not an insider, I know nothing – but does this evidence really exist?  If so, the McCanns are cold, calculating – all the waterworks at press conferences were crocodile tears – the Portugese authorities feel their evidence is very compelling – Goddess help the McCanns, if they deserve it.
This tale struck heart-strings  all over the world.  Let me know what you all think on this matter.  It’s a complicated case, and some fresh insights are more than welcome.

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  1. everytime i look @this child’s eyes i cry,i feel for the child,i just hope and pray that she’s still alive and not harmmed.
    i will keep her in my prayers i don’t think that the is someone who will want to kill Madaleine she is so special,there is something about her eyes i wish she was my child although i don’t have money but definatly i would have given her love.
    love you Madeleine God is on your side child.

  2. this case is so strange, you just don`t know what to believe.
    I think the parents accidentally killed her.
    But there were other issues in the marriage as well.
    Very strange!

  3. Come to South Africa. Over 15000 reported murders per year. About 5-10% under the age of 12.
    All this alongside a government in denial about crime and the consequent complacency of the population to report anything has resulted in a defensive “not-my-problem” attitude that has invaded our mindset here.

  4. i am so sick and tired of this,maddies parents should be charged with negilgance,had they been in this country they would have been.
    there were enough adults to take it in turns to lok after the children, but no they were all to selfish.
    may god forgive them,because a hell of a lot of people do not..
    that little girl was dead within 3 hrs of her going missing.the parents have tried to bleed the public dry,and have done.
    thet should be ashamed.
    may thet never have a peacefull nights sleep as long as they live……….

    1. I agree.apart from the the “parents have tried to bleed the public dry,and have done”.Well that may be,but not me,the Mcann’s in my eyes are responsible for the disapperance of maddy.

  5. To be honest, and I know this is harsh, but yes I do believe that she is dead. Sorry. I don’t know who has killed her but I really believe that she is dead. Atleast she’s in a better place now

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