Labour Deputy Leader wants MPs to decide when to hold elections

harriet_harman128.jpg Interesting bit of news here – Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party thinks the UK Parliament should decide when general elections are held – a decision that has been made by British prime ministers for a hundred years.
Harman made this suggestion last night on the BBC TV show Question Time… and it’s bound to make her boss, prime minister Gordon Brown, very pissed off.
Gordon Brown has caught a lot of crap over the last week because he decided to put off the next general election until 2009, after his minions in the government had told the press that a snap poll would happen very soon.
A lot of people believe that Brown has put off the election because he’s scared he’d lose it this year. The Conservative Party has enjoyed a big surge in support after announcing some very popular policies, such as the abolition of inheritance tax for everyone except millionaires. And Brown announced that he plans to abolish inheritance tax too – blatantly stealing the idea from the competition! This hasn’t helped the government’s standing with the electorate!
There’s an online petition on the Downing Street website, calling for an election this year, which is attracting signatures in the thousands. There’s no doubt, Labour would lose a snap poll.
At the moment, in the UK the prime minister decides when to hold the general election. Well, theoretically that power rests with the Queen, but that’s a constitutional fiction. Gordon Brown picks the date. Lucky him.
So he’s bound to be pissed off with his deputy, Harriet Harman, suggesting that MPs should decide. She should back the boss, right?
No. Harman knows that the current situation is deplorable. Why the hell should Brown have this power? Parliament represents the will of the people; Brown is very unpopular right now; the will of the people says “Go to hell Gordon!
So Gordon Brown should go to hell!!

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