Turkey threatens to invade Iraq!

A vote in the Turkish parliament has given the government the “legal” power to attack PKK “terrorist” bases in Northern Iraq.  This has come as a response to the PKK attacks on Turkish soldiers in the past few weeks.
Turkey claims that an attack on Iraqi territory would not be an invasion of Iraq.  But the Kurds who live in Northern Iraq have dismissed these claims as mere semantics, and have sworn to meet Turkish force with Kurd force – an escalation of tension in the region that the US government does not want.
The Turkish goverment says that it would rather find a diplomatic solution to the problem, but insists that it will “do everything necessary to stop the PKK attacks”.  Everything necessary”.  Hmmm…
What I want to know is this:  if Turkey really is prepared to do everything necessary, why don’t they meet the PKK’s demands?  If Turkey provided the Kurds with an independent colony, the bloodshed would end.
But of course the Turks won’t do this.  They’re of the school that refuses to negotiate with “terrorists”.  They believe that they are righteous, and that their opponents are evil incarnate.  In short, they are blind, stubborn idiots.
The British government says that it never negotiates with terrorists.  But history has shown that this claim is bullshit.  The Brits entered into secret talks with the IRA.  And that has ended happily, with power sharing proceeding nicely in Northern Ireland.
Turkey should try negotiation instead of its usual strategy of confrontation.  Otherwise the killing will go on and on and on and…

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  1. 1. The kurds want their own country.
    2. the Turks want to become pary of the EEC.
    3. The world community could let them both have what they want if they play nice together.

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