Claims and counter-claims about Madeleine McCann

There are a lot of theories doing the rounds about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, according to the Daily Telegraph.  The Portugese police apparently think that Madeleine died after a fall from stone steps at the family’s holiday apartment.  This theory arose after a sniffer dog detected “the smell of death” on the steps.
So what in hell is “the smell of death”?  I understand that sniffer dogs work by “indicating” when they detect the substance they are trained to find.  If a sniffer dog trained to find human remains (as the dog involved was trained) “indicated” the steps, the police would have tested the steps for human remains.  If the remains were there, the McCanns would have been in serious shit.  But this “smell of death” crap is ridiculous.
But also ridiculous is the theory currently being pushed by McCann family representatives – that a disgruntled ex-maid at the holiday complex kidnapped Madeleine as revenge against her former employers.  The maid would have to be completely insane to have done that, totally wacko… and drooling lunatics don’t make the best kidnappers.
The worst news I’ve seen though, is the report that the McCanns are planning to speak about the investigation on American chat shows.  Under portugese law, it is illegal for them, as official suspects or “arguidos”, to discuss it.  I understand that the McCanns are frustrated by the lack of progress and the accusations flying around, but if they breach Portugal’s secrecy laws then they will deserve everything they get there.

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