London Assembly wants to sack Met Commisioner

Ain’t it a shame that the London Assembly doesn’t have the power to dismiss the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police?  Cos they made it pretty clear that they want the idiot to go.
The Guardian tells how the Assembly passed a vote of no confidence against Sir Ian Blair – it was carried by 15 votes to 8.  The Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives united to tell the Commissioner how disgusted they are by his handling of the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes.  Only the Labour assembly members supported the police chief.
It really makes me mad how Sir Ian Blair refuses to accept any responsibility for the wrongful killing.  Last week the Metropolitan police force was convicted of health & safety offences stemming from the shooting of de Menezes… and Sir Ian then complained about the “health & safety Taliban” giving him trouble!  It seems that the idiot really can’t see that the killing was wrong!  His attitude is: “De Menezes looked like a suicide bomber, so we killed him!  Serves him right for looking suspicious!”
I remember how, at the time of the shooting, Sir Ian said on TV that a suicide bomber had been killed; then, when the news broke that de Menezes was actually Brazilian, and innocent, Blair said that the guy had run away from officers and had been generally dodgy.  This turned out to be complete lies.  But Blair has refused to apologize – it seems he blames de Menezes for getting himself killed!
Now Sir Ian wants “a line to be drawn” under the whole affair… meaning, he wants everyone to stop criticizing him and his murderous lackeys.  Luckily, that ain’t gonna happen any time soon.  Next year there’s going to be an inquest into why the armed officers pulled the trigger on de Menezes.  I hope to God that the inquest will have the balls to say clearly that the killing was unlawful and that the killers – and their boss – should be prosecuted.  Then maybe the government will stop supporting the gutless police chief.  Sir Ian Blair should be sacked.
Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, defending his men for shooting Jean Charles de Menezes in cold blood:  “He looked like he was guilty of something!”

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