Greedy relatives lose £10 million will challenge

Here’s a story that caught my eye: a family have lost their case after contesting a will that left £10 million to a pair of Chinese restaurateurs.
Golda “Goldie” Bechal, from Mayfair, London, died aged 88 in 2004, and left most of her estate to Kim Sing Man and Bee Lian Man.
The widow’s five nephews and nieces claimed they were entitled to inherit her fortune.  But a judge has dismissed their claim.  Mr and Mrs Man had had a long friendship with Goldie Bechal.  Mrs Man said:
“She’s like a mother to us, a grandmother to our children. We have a very special relationship. I’m like a daughter to her. And I still feel it deep down.”
I really don’t like it when folk contest a deceased relative’s will.  What could make Goldie Bechal’s nephews and nieces believe that they were somehow more deserving to inherit than the Mans?  They should have just accepted that their aunt didn’t like them.
The money-grabbing relatives – who didn’t actually get to grab any money!!

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  1. Greed, fuel of the capitalist society, it makes the world go round.
    what i want too know, is, those who were left the money, noone mentions there greed, why not? they are probably just as greedy, truth is, we all have some greed in us.

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