Possible victim of miscarriage of justice punished for talking!

Suzanne Holdsworth, from Hartlepool UK, is serving a life sentence after being convicted of killing a baby by smashing his head against a banister – a crime that a leading neuro-pathologist claims could not have happened.
At the trial, it was alleged that Holdsworth had smashed two-year-old Kyle Fisher into the banister with a force of 60 mph.  But Dr Waney Squier, leading pathologist, says this scenario is nonsense: if Kyle’s head had hit the banister like that, his skull would obviously have been fractured.  But Kyle suffered only superficial bruising consistent with a minor accident.  Dr Squier said Kyle likely died of a seizure – to which he was prone – and the pathologist is disturbed that he was not called on to testify at the trial.
The BBC asked Holdsworth how she would cope with being in prison for the third Christmas in a row.  She replied:
“I go on the phone, pretend I’m fine because my babies and my partner are having Christmas. I go back to my room and I cry and I cry and I cry.”
Then the prison punished Holdsworth for talking to the BBC!  It seems prisoners don’t have the right to be upset about being separated from their families!  She has been disciplined for talking to the BBC  and now has severe limits put on her ability to contact her family!
It is widely believed that Holdsworth is not guilty of any crime.  A report on the case by journalist John Sweeney is to be shown tonight (Thursday, 6 December) on Newsnight, BBC2, at 2230 GMT.

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  1. I am the partner of Suzanne Holdsworth, Sue has been through the mill to read that her family seems to have no idea and rely on police and the courts to free Suzanne, let me tell you just because its not in the media spotlight does not mean we rely on police and courts, how on earth do you think its got this far? we work for Suzanne to see a grave miscarriage of justice overturned, untill Joe public are put into what our family has gone through do you really think you would handle this any better?.
    And yes she may look “hardfaced” i ask you, how would you look or how would you wont to look when it looks like you may spend the rest of your life behind bars for a crime that you did not comit?.

  2. The press have an amazing ability to take a photo at exactly the right moment to show a person in the worst possible light. I saw the Newsnight report and believe Suzanne is another victim of a miscarriage of justice, no matter how bad she may have looked in the photos! I hope that there will be an early Appeal for Suzanne so that she and her family can be reunited. Perhaps then the press will show us some photos as she really is. Good luck to you all.

  3. Deb,
    Thanks for those kind words, just to let you all know Suzanne and I have been told the Appeal will be heard for directions only in Feb with the final hearing in April 2008, I am told its possible the case could collapse at the first sitting fingers crossed. But were keeping our feet firmly on the ground, as the first trial Sue is still the same innocent person as before but found guilty, All of Suzanne’s phone privliges are back.

  4. Wishing you Justice in Court Of Appeal.!!!!!!!!!
    Well – remember Sally Clarke and how she looked.
    That is what trauma of being wrongly accused does to people, but ignorant people who have not walked in our shoes have no idea.
    Most do not care or want to know either, until the day, there is a knock at their door.
    Also, we must keep in mind that Matri- Genocide is rampant and women are being demonised to suit a purpose.
    I wish you Justice of Lady Portia.
    May justice be done though the Heavens Fall.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Maybe i have confused some people, the hearing is for only directions in April, to see where we go from here, which experts are to be called and a brief out line of what the Lawyers are putting the argument forward with. with this it may collapse and Suzanne may be allowed home untill the trial, although if the prosecution are still wanting to make a mockery Sue will be held untill such a time the trial is heard April?
    If prisoners have no rights does this not make un human like after all some are allowed to “VOTE”, also if the voice from prison was hushed how would we know about the injustice done to all inmates. Sue has been inside now for almost 3 years on the 8/3/2008 3 years todate, the right to see her children, family and friends Sue has the “RIGHT”. LET JUSTICE BE DONE AND FIND THE CORRECT PERSON FOR THE DEATH OF KYLE FISHER, what did happen to Kyle’s eye, who was looking after Kyle when it happend??????????!!!!! i know! Catherine Love ya babe

  6. I think its about time you heard from someone who is very close to kyles parents and grandparents. Kyle is still loved very much and is missed dearly. All i would like to say is there is only 2 people that truly know what happend that evening and unfortunetly 1 of them is not here to tell the story. However if he was what would he have to say? Kyles family do not want someone in prison who is not guilty. They are not that type of people.
    What is it we say these days … inocent until proven guilty and as far as i can see suzanne was proven GUILTY. They must be a reason behind this. Judges and Jurys dont just send people down for fun and the police officer who was following this investigation had dealt with 50 murders at the time and can i ask how many of them did he get wrong?

  7. This is all very well to say that she’s guilty, but is it humanly possible to smash a person’s head (or a child’s head) into something at 60mph?
    That’s just under 97kmph.
    Holdsworth must either be a martial arts expert or something similar to achieve that kind of speed and force.
    Innocent until proven guilty? What about those poor suckers at Guantanamo……

  8. As someone who work(ed) with kyles mum during the 1st trial – we were horrified that
    she seemed more interested in arranging a girls night out during the week of the trial
    than in what was happening in court
    Clare is over 6 feet tall and very powerfully built – compared to the slightly built miss
    holdsworth .
    who inflicted the head injuries ? Its between the person who did it and god – who they will face one day .

  9. It appears justice has finally been done. I hope that the innocent Miss Holdsworth, and the emphasis is that as she has now been proved “not guilty”, then she is innocent, will be able to carry on with her life. I fear though that she will be scarred. All my best wishes.

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