Holdsworth appeal scheduled for April

Suzanne Holdsworth, who was convicted of a murder that may not have happened, is to have her appeal heard in April this year.
Last month, I reported how Ms Holdsworth’s phone privileges in prison had been withdrawn because she had spoken to reporters – a shocking attack on freedom of speech.  But there are many people who would argue that prisoners should have no right to freedom of speech.  Maybe prisoners should have no rights at all, eh?  Especially ones who are innocent…
Anyway, Ms Holdsworth’s partner, Lee Spencer, told us in this blog’s Comments that her appeal is due to be heard in April.  He wrote: “I am told its possible the case could collapse at the first sitting fingers crossed. But were keeping our feet firmly on the ground.”
Ms Holdsworth was convicted of murdering infant Kyle Fisher – she allegedly smashed Kyle’s head against a banister with a force akin to a 60mph car.  But a leading pathologist has rubbished this claim.

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  1. To all who wish to show support for the wrong doing to Suzanne Holdsworth come to court 29/02/2008 Appeal Courts London Court 8 10:30

  2. Good luck Lee and Suzanne – lets hope the appeal process works for you this time round and Suzanne gets her freedom (and her life) back

  3. Good luck to Suzanne we will be thinking of her on Friday and hoping for a positive outcome , these miscarriages of justice must stop!

  4. I have been following the story from South Africa on the BBC and it is clear that Suzanne Holdsworth is innocent. The Cleveland Police authority must hang their heads in shame for what they have done to this poor woman whose only crime seems to have been that of giving support to parents in her neighbourhood who were clearly lacking in their abilities. The original injuries were quite clear in the photographs. I do not understand why the situation was not addressed
    Ms. Holdsworth should sue the police for the time that she has lost with her family and they should answer for their overzealousness. The Judge should also apologise and retract. An inquiry into the child’s previous injuries would possibly reveal a lot and explain why the family were so keen to see Suzanne Holdsworth go down.
    I will be praying for Suzanne, I will pray that God will make the truth known and that the liars will be brought out into the open

  5. I have been investigating wrognful convictions for five years now, and never cease to be horrified at how these cases are so blatantly constructed by the police. Lee is absolutely right (in another post) – the public just don’t realise how often this happens, and how easily the authorities get away with it. But the poor people left trying to overturn these convictions have an enormous fight in front of them. The police are already quoted as saying the defence had access to the officer who had concerns about the baby’s eye, but “didn’t use her” – relying on the appeal condition which states evidence that was available by not used at trial is not considered “new evidence” for an appeal. It’s shocking, disgraceful, and unfortunately, far too frequent. As for Suzanne being punished for talking to the bbc – appalling. I sincerely hope this conviction is thrown out, and Suzanne’s name properly cleared. My very best wishes to the whole family.

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