How to get free wireless internet access

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How to Get Free WiFi from Your City or Town

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Free citywide and municipal Wi-Fi is growing faster than ever with new downtown hotzones popping up every day. While these networks provide a great public service, coverage typically extends only a limited distance beyond Main Street. Learn how to find and connect to your local free wifi networks.


  1. Find out if your city has a public wifi network by checking
  2. Download a free wifi finding software such as the one at
  3. Make or buy an inexpensive directional wireless booster cantenna and connect it to your computer’s wifi card, pcmcia card, or your access point.
  4. Scan the horizon with your antenna and look for the free network you found in the directory. It is best to point the cantenna out a high window with a clear line of sight to the public network
  5. Once you find the network, connect and set up your antenna in the position that gives you the best signal strength.

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