Pedophiles to be banned from international travel

Gary Glitter -  70s rock god and child molestor
Gary Glitter - 70s rock god and child molestor

UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith today announced that convicted paedophiles could be subject to much stricter movement controls.
The changes to the rules include increasing the length of time child-sex offenders can be banned from travelling abroad and making it easier for the police to obtain orders curbing activities in the UK.
Now, it’s all very well imposing these kind of draconian measures on pedophiles – no one has sympathy for a beast, most people think they deserve everything they get.  But I worry this is just the start of something much more wide-ranging.  First of all it’ll just be sex-cases who get these restrictions… but soon it’ll be all criminals… then all people who the government decide need restriction.  Before you know it, you’ll be banned from leaving the country because you voted the wrong way at the last general election!
And don’t say “It can’t happen here!”  It can.  It has before.  And it certainly will again!

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