Pulseaudio/Flash issues in Ubuntu Hardy… solved at last?

There have been some right problems with Pulseaudio and Flash in Hardy.  Youtube videos playing with no sound… Firefox freezing and crashing… it’s been a right pain in the ass.
But it seems these issues may have been resolved.  Psyke83, an Ubuntuforums.org member, posted what appears to be a definitive fix here.  This howto enables you to use Pulseaudio and Flash 10.  Something I’d begun to fear might never happen…
Now, I only just enacted this fix on my machine, and I have yet to give it a proper testing on a variety of video streaming sites and music formats and so on.  But it does look promising – right away I’ve noticed how less buggy Firefox seems…
Anyone who’s been suffering Pulseaudio/Flash problems in Hardy: follow the instructions in psyke83’s guide, then please post here your experiences.

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  1. I have implemented his fix, and I can say that it works! I haven’t suffered any flash crashes for several days now and I have put it through the “click-on-as-many-youtube-videos-as-fast-as-you-can” test, and never once had a problem.

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