Russia vs America – countdown to war?

US and Russian warships on opposing sides of the Georgia conflict took up positions in the Black Sea yesterday in a war of nerves.
The Russian’s are in control of Georgia’s naval base at Poti.  And they are sending vessels to the area, including the missile cruiser Moskva and two smaller craft on “peacekeeping” duties at the port of Sukhumi on the coast of Abkhazia, the breakaway region that the Kremlin recognised as independent on Tuesday.
The US Coastguard ship Dallas was due to visit Poti but has been sent instead to the southern Georgian-controlled port of Batumi to deliver relief supplies. This has caused raised eyebrows in Russia – they consider it most unusual for a NATO ship to be delivering aid under the circumstances.
“Let’s hope we don’t see any direct confrontation,” said Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for the Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin.  Putin who, you may remember, was the president who destroyed entire cities in Chechnya to defeat rebels there.  It is hard to believe that he suddenly dislikes confrontation.  The military victories of the past weeks are extremely popular in Russia.  So the government may well decide they’re on a roll, and go for the big one – a head-to-head with NATO and the USA.
Last week, president Dmitri Medvedev said that Russia would be within its rights to attack Poland since America had sited missiles there.  He actually talked of a nuclear strike on a NATO member state!  And Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko is saying that if someone doesn’t stop Russia, any country could be the next target.
Any country.  Even the USA.  Russia respects only the powerful.  And America doesn’t seem powerful at all right now, bleating about how invading Georgia was “wrong”.  Wake up, USA!  The rights and wrongs don’t matter now – Georgia’s being carved up, and talk won’t stop it.  Only action will count now.
So what should America do?  Stand by and let Russia conquer its neighbors? Or get into a war that might go all the way?

Russian troops ready to march on Washington!
Russian troops ready to march on Washington!

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0 thoughts on “Russia vs America – countdown to war?”

  1. Fuck russia, fuck america. Two stupid countries who just like rolling muscles. And before you say im stupid, im russian and I live in america (though moving to britain). Just fucking calm down and get over it – war is fucking USELESS (or any other hostilities)

    1. America hates war but knows she has 2 go 2 war at times.Russians love war.America would win 4 sure if we went 2 war

    1. If you really want to see this war happen you are pathetic and if it does happen I hope you (and anyone else that wants to see it happen) die in it.

  2. hmm i dunno what side should i like but i would like to see those 2 countries go to war i am Croatian actually but if those 2 countries go to war the whole world would be destroyed

  3. Что за бред тут написан? Россия некогда не начнет 3 мировую войну русские разумные люди ,Только Америка может подставить россию чтобы народ ненавидел русских вот вам и пример эта Статья/What for delirium here it is written? Russia is no time won’t begin 3 world war Russian reasonable people, Only America can substitute Russia that the people hated Russian here to you and an example this Article

  4. Русских также пугают всякие бредовые статьи в интернете о том что Америка собирается напасть на россию в Ноябре 2010 года предскозание ванги,НЕВЕРЬТЕ! .Если вы думаете что это все правда введите в яндексе по русский “Война 2010 предсказание ванги” Этими самыми предсказаниями нас стравливают чтобы начать 3 мировую войну там этих предскозаний очень много если вы неверите мне то посмотрите передачи про вангу некакой информации нету что будет война/Russian are frightened also by any crazy articles on the Internet about that that America is going to attack on Russia in November, 2010 , НЕВЕРЬТЕ!.If you think that it is all truth enter in Yandex on Russian “War 2010 prediction Vanga(Ванга)” These predictions us pit to begin 3 world war there these предскозаний much if you неверите to me that look at transfers about вангу not what information aren’t present that there will be a war

  5. Razor77: it’s a shame you wrote nearly all your comments in Russian, as I don’t understand the language at all. But I think you’re suggesting that I have painted Russia as the “bad guy” and the USA as the “good guy”.
    I wrote the blog entry after reading about the possibly tense situation in Western newspapers – primarily the Guardian. That’s very narrow-minded of me, I now, but I thought the situation was worth discussing – at the time, even moderate papers like the Guardian thought there was a real possibility of trouble. And you must surely accept that if Russia and America started fighting, a nuclear confrontation that would horribly damage the world would be a real possibility.
    Everyone, you and me included, need to be honest about what is going on in the world. Both our countries – Russia and the UK – bully countries less powerful than themselves. You can’t deny the terrible things Russia has done to ex-Soviet states like Chechnya, Georgia and the Ukraine, just as Britain has committed horrific crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other places. These are facts.
    I am not suggesting that the Russian people or the British people are bad. But our governments *are* bad. And the US government is even worse. If we just pretend to believe what our governments choose to tell us through their distorted propaganda, we are burying our heads in the sand. And that is a disgusting thing for free-thinking people to do.
    If you read my blog at all regularly, you will see I criticize my own government (Britain) and the US government constantly. I have very rarely criticized the Russian government. But in this case, there was a very real possibility of a military stand-off between US and Russian navies leading to actual fighting. That was major news and I *had* to mention it.
    I’m sorry if I gave you the impression that I hate Russia. But that is not true. I hate hate, and that includes the hate that the governments of Russia, the USA, Britain, and just about every other government in the world holds for its enemies.

  6. russia will win the dam war becouse russia kics americas !@##$%^^%$#@ all the time so we will take them out with our boombs

    1. Shut up schoolboy. I’m sick of these as you can only Russia quarrels with everyone, I sometimes feel ashamed for my country, for such stupid people like you, bitch

  7. The people of why this provocation? I love America and I love Russia, I try to ignore everything, that these two countries are far from perfect! Do not believe what you said TV and the media, we all love! I hope the war will not be, otherwise I’ll hate Russia
    P.S – I’m Russian

  8. Блять, американцы! Вы что за хуйню несёте и нахера вы вообще лезете не в свои дела?
    Россия находится под гнётом нерусских и нас (русских) они очень заебали. Вам то блять какое дело?!?
    Нам не нужна война, итак скоро всем придётся очень плохо, а вы просто не можете адекватно посмотреть на любой вопрос! Вы всё привыкли решать войной и сунулись в Африку в миротворческих целях? Да чтобы они ВАС всех не купили за золото – вот зачем вы туда полезли, а все новости заставили говорить о том, что это безопасно и так и надо. Угомонитесь и не суйтесь куда не следует.
    Особо ленивым ёбарям, In English:
    Americans! Are you a garbage bear and you do not climb into their affairs?
    Russia is under the oppression of non-Russians and us (Russian), they become tired very. Then you fucking cares??
    We do not want war, so soon everyone will be very bad, and you simply can not adequately look at any question! All of you are used to solve the war and put it in Africa in peacekeeping purposes? Yes to all of you, they did not buy for gold – that’s why you go there climbed, and all the news made people talk about what is safe and so right. Calmed down and do not go where you should not.

  9. Angry Russian: I can’t tell if you’re addressing yanks in general here, or just me. But I’d like to point out I am *not* an American. I’m a European. And I’m not “pro-American” or “anti-Russian”. America does good stuff sometimes, bad stuff too. And so does Russia. And so does just about every government and non-governmental organisation in the world.
    You don’t want war. Cool. And I guess most other people in the world don’t want war either. But what makes me worried is when nuclear powers (USA, UK, France, Israel, China, Russia, Pakistan, India, North Korea, whoever) starts talking in war-type language. A war between countries possessing nukes could get real out of hand, real quickly. And as soon as one country starts flinging nukes around, so will the rest of them. And that is NOT GOOD. Not for anyone.
    Please stop being angry, Angry Russian. I think most problems can be sorted out by talking rather than fighting. Don’t you think that would be better than everyone sending their young soldiers home in bodybags, or even getting nukes drop from the skies?

  10. If USA and Russia to declare war on each other, nightmare would be coming. Under the circumstances, the horrible war will spread and many countries may drag into the war and get involved, especially China due to Russia and China have mutually signed a military alliance. The situation is unimaginable. I would pray not to lose my life in the war, but the chances to get surviving is almost to zero once the whole world has being drag into the war. Nuclear weapons would most probably be use to counter their rival or to retaliate.

    1. Hay im just saying if you think of it peace biy war no mater whut thars going tone a stand off and win it comes it whont be good as we speak the us is thalling the bigist nuclear sub in the world its in the north poll and win that day comes where going to blow that sub up the us has 5 or more sub hunters talling it and win we find out that Russian are going to blow up the US we are going to lonch a shit lood of nuclear war heds the skies will be black and win that day comes your wif us to or you die all of Russiu will be a fucking wasteland and if the USA whont id to thay can git a fucking suit chas that
      has a nuclear duvies in it and blow up thar capital you may think that the United states is week but thay have seekret groups that are the most power fullist peapale in the world ohelping us out so Russian hid and hope to god that you


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