How to reduce the use of drugs… decriminalization!

The UK and the USA have many things in common. One of the most infuriating is their drugs policy. While most of Europe follow a liberal harm-reduction line, Britain chooses to emulate America’s ridiculous “War on Drugs”. Even though it plainly doesn’t work.
In 2001, Portugal decided to adopt a policy of decriminalization of the possession of illegal drugs. All illegal drugs. If you’re caught with no more than 10 days’ supply of cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, whatever, you won’t go to prison. BBC journalist Claudia Hammond went to Lisbon to report on this innovative policy.
At the time, conservative-minded codgers said the policy would result in Portugal becoming some sort of druggie’s Mecca. They thought drug use would rocket. They were wrong. Just 8% of Portugese have tried cannabis, compared to 42% in the USA. Drug-related deaths are down. The use of every illegal drug has gone down in the 8 years since 2001. Except for cocaine, which has become fashionable.
So, do you think the UK government will learn from the Portugese experience? Of course not! UK drugs policy is becoming more fascistic, not less – remember they recently made cannabis class B? Idiots.
America is seriously messed up because of drugs. Britain’s headed the same way. And, although Portugal has shown us how to rectify the situation, we won’t take any notice. The wise men in power know best, damn them!

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