BNP membership list leaked again. Nazis worried. released a membership list for the British National Party 2007-8. And they’ve done it again: a list of BNP members in 2009.
Unfortunately, is currently offline while its owners seek funds (please support generously) and the Wayback machine doesn’t have anything that recent from the site. But I can provide a link to a .xls spreadsheet of the list (I checked the link today, 25 Jan 2010, and it appears to be okay. Though I cannot verify the accuracy of the info).
I also found a pretty map, courtesy of the Guardian, showing BNP membership in the UK. You can download the map here.

Oh yeah, and check out this:it’s a BNP member proximity search. You type in your postcode, and it gives you the names and postcodes of BNP members close to you. The site was originally created with the 2007-8 list, but it’s been updated to include data from the 2009 leak.  EDIT: the proximity search is no longer online. Just as well really, the info was 5 to 7 years out of date, many of the dweebs will have gone over to Ukip or something now. (24 May 2014).
Some people might say that some of the stuff I’ve linked to invades the privacy of innocent people. To which I reply: Bollocks! No members of the BNP deserve to be called innocent. Though of course I would try to discourage anyone from using the info to do anything illegal. Crime doesn’t pay!!

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0 thoughts on “BNP membership list leaked again. Nazis worried.”

  1. The computor nerd who created the bnp proximity site is Andrew Turchich of Burlington,New Jersey.He also created the ‘let’s firebomb every bnp household’ page on facebook.He was a teenager when he did this,and they call the bnp cunts!!!

  2. boonyoo: if what you say is true, that’s awful. I am not in any way suggesting ppl should harm bnp members. I like the bnp proximity tool because it gives me some kind of idea how many nazis live near me.
    And plz note: I said *if* what you say is true. Just cos someone said somewhere this stuff about Andrew Turchich (who I have never heard of), don’t mean it’s true. Just like you can’t 100% believe that the bnp proximity tool actually works. This is all just stuff we read/hear. Do you believe everything you read? I don’t.

  3. I was on the 1st bnp list.I’d just like to thank you guys for ruining my families life,my business putting 16 non bnp members and thir families on the dole.Most bnp members are not nazis they are just people like myself who are pissed off with politically correct bullshit.In the 80’s I had a lot to do with the ALF and class war so I know for a fact that the far left are just as extreme and nasty as the far right can be.The bnp are a 100% legal political party so legally I have done nothing wrong,but to all those nice people who have damaged my property,threatened my life have broken the law.
    I was in the bnp for one year never went to a meeting or donated.I have had nothing to do with them since early 2007 when my membership ran the 08 list with the 09 list see how many people who were on orginal are not on 2nd list.bnp membership is like filling a bath with water without a plug,people join but never stay members for long(it depend weather you like constant begging letters for money) if there was a new list leaked today you would find only a tiny fraction of those on it who were on the orginals.The bnp exist for a reason,take that reason away no bnp.
    The proximity search and the let fire bomb every bnp household site were done by 2 different people.
    When the bnp and the edl have given up what will you guys do? Go back to hating the rich and successful?
    This is all true I do not need to lie or make it up…..

    1. mahmo: Just a couple of points regarding your post –
      1. If you were once a member of the BNP, you are a nazi, regardless that you let your membership lapse. People are always saying they joined the BNP because of what they regard as too permissive immigration policies. The truth is, the UK’s immigration policies are pretty damn strict (most illegal immigrants get put into concentration camps, sorry, I mean detention centres, while awaiting deportation. Legal immigrants are mostly from EU member states, or have skills our country has a shortage of. Also, if it wasn’t for immigrants, who’s gonna clean toilets and sewers and wash up in restaurants, etc etc. Because no Brits want to do these jobs, especially for the illegal less-than-minimum wages these jobs usually pay. Okay, maybe you had a Damascene conversion to anti-nazism, but that’s not very likely. Chances are, you let your membership lapse because you’re forgetful and/or lazy and/or a cheapskate and didn’t want to pay the party dues. A forgetful, lazy, cheapskate nazi is still a nazi.
      2. If the BNP is a legit political party whose members don’t consider themselves nazis, why all the kerfuffle from the BNP about tools like the proximity search? Tories, Labour supporters and Lib Dems are usually proud and open about their political views. I you are ashamed of being a BNP member, you are admitting that that the BNP is not legit and good and moderate. The English Defence League publicly claim that they have become disillusioned with current BNP policy – but it wouldn’t surprise me if most EDL members vote BNP when possible.
      I do not approve of anyone attacking BNP members. But I am very keen to learn which of my neighbours are closet fascists. They smile and say “Hello,” but really they want me put on a “boat home” (even though I am a British citizen and have never been further away from the UK than France). Two-faced scum like that deserve outing, so I know which of my neighbours are honestly friendly, and which would like me to be deported or exterminated or whatever current BNP policy is.

  4. “Bollocks! No members of the liberal partydeserve to be called innocent!”
    And UK’s “tough” immigrant legislations?? LOL. R U serious?

    1. Sorry Johanna, was that comment aimed at *me*? I can’t recall when I said Lib Dems are “innocent”. Their actions as part of the ConLib coalition has demonstrated.
      And yes, I am serious when I say the UK’s immigration policies are tough. Maybe they’re not as tough as some other countries. Maybe they’re not as tough as *you* would like them to be. But they are tough nevertheless. Go check out th detention centres if you think they’re lax – I think I’d prefer being in prison.

  5. I hate the left wing,can I say that?the right has no rights but the left and foreigners have,WHY this is my country

    1. gary: if you want to say you hate the left wing, just go ahead and say it. Freedom of expression is very important, As Voltaire supposedly said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
      But you will also have to respect my right to say that you’re either ignorant, stupid, and/or a Nazi. It really annoys me when people complain that foreigners have got some kind of legal right to come here from wherever and be given houses, cars, huge amounts of benefits etc. But if that’s what you truly believe, go ahead and tell us about it. I just worry that others might actually believe your fairy tales.

  6. martin x, you have a lot to say about BNP members when infact you are the reason this country is in shit state, as you actively promote the dilution of what built this country and made people proud to be British. BNP members are not nazi’s they are sick of being shat on by your politically correct bullshit parties that put the UK born last. You are a cock and i would love to fill your big mouth with my boot and leave peices of you in the woods , so i can piss on them whilst walking my dog

  7. I cam across this site by accident and I would have to say that there are points on both sides that I agree and disagree with. Unfortunately Martin X, there are those that do come here and do get new homes along with a lot of benefits, I know this because I worked in areas where I have come across this happening and at times it has frustrated me because it hasn’t been deserved or warranted and there has, at times, been a milking of the system. Our immigration laws can be tough when we can be bothered to catch up with the right people and act on it but we let far to much slide, and often imprison the wrong people, the system is far to open to abuse, again I know this through my work. On the other hand, I am UK born, my parents are from Kingston Jamaica, my dad worked and saved to come to the U.K, he then worked and saved and sent the money for my Mom to come here, as did a number of my aunts and uncles. My parents never told us we had to work but it was understood. My Dad never claimed benefits and died before pension age, my Mom has never claimed benefits although she does now get a pension, my sister, 2 brothers and myself have never claimed any benefits and the message to my children is ‘doing nothing’ is not an option in this household. My oldest son (26yrs) went looking for a job while he was in 6th form and found one and he has worked every working day since, except when he broke his leg and was laid up for 12 weeks and he lived off savings, he now works for himself, I obviously don’t have an issue with immigrants, my parents immigrated but scrounging and wrongly taking from a system that at times seems thread bare is wrong but I see this on both sides and violence is never the answer. In the 60s immigrants were asked by the British to come over here and help rebuild the country, thats how a lot of us ended up over here or were born here. Not all of us are here to abuse the system but for those that are, I’m all for shipping their backsides out of here, regardless if they were born here or not.

    1. Fuckin Nazi. Being Jamaican doesn’t make you a saint when you want to deport ppl who were born in the UK. Deport them where? They were born in the UK, they’re British, they don’t have another “home country” to be deported to. Either you’re thick as pig shit or you’re a white Nazi pretending to be black for effect. Either way: STFU unless you have a sensible thing to say. Kicking Brits out of Britain – that’s NAZI talk you dick.

  8. Martin X . I am very confused what you said. I am a BNP member and am married to an Asian woman. Some of our members are married to Asian ladies. You keep mentioning the word Nazi . Well if I love my Country , heritage & Culture just like my wife loves her culture , then Im so proud to be a Nazi .

    1. Until relatively recently only white Britons could join the BNP. In 2010, the BNP had to revise its whites-only constitution because otherwise it could face legal action by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and maybe lose its status as a legitimate political party. But we all know that’s just window-dressing, most party members would be up in arms if non-whites joined their local branch, and very few non-whites would want to join up.
      Proud to be a Nazi, eh? I’m very happy for you.

  9. Martin x …
    All for freedom of speech you say ? Then I’m free to say your a twat and the type of twat this country does not need !

  10. I have like to BNP ,present Bangladesh veterinarian graduated and DVM students association of Bangladesh agricultural university of overall sciences technology universities ” of precedent so without approval of BNP , please our association approved to possible so always expected from to BNP. with the best regards Dr.MD.babul Hussain from Bangladesh agricultural university mymensingh, Bangladesh. cell phone.01796865002/01734708188.

    1. This kis about the British National Party, a right-wing, neo-Nazi group that is now, happily, fallen prey to the vultures of politics. Repeat: the BRITISH National Party – NOT the BANGLADESH National Party. Seriously, you need to read the posts before you comment, you foool!Q!

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