Countless Americans claim asylum in Britain from US government persecution

Monday 25 January 2010
Okay, so maybe I was exaggerating when I said “countless” Americans are claiming political asylum in the UK. Actually, between 2004 and 2008, 45 US citizens claimed asylum in Britain, claiming they were being persecuted by their government.
The UK Home Office released this info after a Freedom of Information request by the Guardian newspaper. Between 2004 and 2008 there were 132,640 asylum claims made in the UK, according to government statistics. 45 were made by Americans, and 15 came from Canadian citizens. The Home Office refused to reveal the reasons for asylum requests, but a source within the US government suggested that the US requests were made by self-declared “political refugees” claiming persecution by the Bush administration. Applications from the US peaked in 2008, the final year of George Bush’s presidency, when 15 Americans submitted asylum claims. All 60 North American claims were refused – again, the Home Office refused to divulge why they were refused, claiming that a manual search of records to collect the information would take too long.
Maybe you think 45 claims over 4 years isn’t a huge number. But remember: these are just the claims for asylum made in the UK. How many other US citizens have sought refuge in other countries? It would be extremely difficult to collate world-wide information. But I think it’s reasonable to assume that if the UK, America’s biggest ally, received 45 claims for asylum from Americans, other countries probably received many more.
Liza Schuster, an asylum expert from the department of sociology at City University in London, quoted in the Guardian article, suggested another reason to believe these figures are just the tip of the iceberg. She said:

“I don’t know the details of those cases, but assume the US citizens are deserting before being sent to somewhere like Afghanistan. With the Canadians I’m really not sure. It is, as is clear from the numbers, pretty unusual – if only because it is relatively easy for those people to leave their countries and settle elsewhere. Why not just apply for a work visa and renew and then apply for leave to remain?
“As someone who would not find admission to European countries too difficult, it would only make sense to claim asylum if you feared extradition back to Canada or the US, or if there was some reason you might be refused entry. It is interesting – I’d be curious to know more – not least because in spite of what the law books say, granting asylum is a criticism of the originating state.”

On various online forums, people claiming to be American refugees have outlined their cases. One Texan hoping to be allowed sanctuary in Scotland claimed he had been “persecuted as a political dissident against US government war-mongering”.
This really does raise some important questions. For one, there’s the question of how many Americans in total have felt the need to seek political asylum abroad. And why have they sought asylum? Why are citizens of “the land of the free” running away from a country whose constitution allegedly grants them “undeniable rights”? Is American democracy actually no better than the brand of “democracy” on offer in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia?

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0 thoughts on “Countless Americans claim asylum in Britain from US government persecution”

  1. In 2007 my job was given to an illegal alien so I no longer had insurance, at 60 yrs old I could not get hired by anyone else. I have just nearly died of pleurisy because the next appointment I could get for a Dr. was 8 weeks out due to the services being overloaded with illegals and citizens like me. I did get a chest xray and was told there was something seriously wrong with my lung then now at 6 days I cannot get a return call to tell me what it is. Lucky for me i saved the report from the xray. I have just been able to purchase antibiotics on the black market and am starting to feel much better.
    I believe that the ruling class in the USA is trying to kill off all male baby boomers without a degree or military service. I love my country but it looks like they are doing their best to bankrupt and kill me. I wish there were some place in the world for people whose country has turned it’s back on them.

    1. Well, I suppose we transcend to the point where we begin teaching the blind to see. For instance, I have found a case in 1792 the resulted in the 11th amendment. Yet it is as if I am making this up or am delusional because nobody else seems to see it! I have shown it to others, and unless they are humoring me, they assure me my research is sound! The 11th amendment reinstated the “inestimable right formidable to tyrants only,” quoting the Declaration of Independence. The “inestimable right of tyrants” was obviously the ability for the king and his cronies to cultivate a web of corruption by ignoring law, “Judicial tyranny,” or “mock trials” quoting the Dec. of Ind. Allowing the despot government to get away with stealing from the citizens. This is recorded History in Chisholm v. Georgia, decided by an author of the U.S. Constitution, James Wilson, who penned with state approval the role of United States Courts, Federal, and State, Article III of that Constitution. Wilson in Chisholm did not misinterpret the constitution he wrote, when he stated that, “States do not have Sovereign Immunity.” Yet the 11th Amendment written two days later in response to Chisholm, overruled the constitution itself and the Supreme Court and reinstated the “right inestimable to tyrants…” so that officials could continue the tyranny of King George themselves, without fear of liability.
      If we can teach the populace, who is not taught this history, but other redundant lessons such as Paul Revere, or Tea Party, or Stamp act, which hides the coup that made the Revolutionary War moot, the 11th amendment, then perhaps the citizens will remove the veil that obstructs their sanity by hiding the simplicity of good government by ending the cultivation of corruption that the 11th amendment fertilizes, pun intended!
      Removing the 11th amendment is the fulfillment and completion of the Revolutionary War. This has been ignored by academia from K through PhD. Why? Is it not a controversy? It is not a conspiracy by anti government. It is a pointing out actual history by citizens simply reading history buried in Supreme Court decision in response to the question; What is the 11th amendment, and why did it come after the bill of rights [first ten amendments]? Most people never reach that question in life, unless they have been retaliated against as a whistle blower who has discovered an overt example of government malfeasance or corruption. That is when State, Local and Federal bar lawsuits and discovery and Jury Trial citing the 11th amendment and cases like Bogan v. Scott Harris. It is natural to say, Hey, what about the bill of rights! How can the bill of rights be barred to protect citizens? How can the 14th amendment be viewed by U.S. Judges to be outlawed along with the bill of rights? So then the logical conclusion to a reasonable person is that the bill of rights are only a poem or a historical document that is no longer in affect, yet the entire U.S. Population, save a few civil right abuse of power victims, do not know that the Constitution has been laid aside as a “historical non binding document” similar to the Declaration of Independence, or the Magna Charta.
      The U.S. Constitution cannot be disputed that it is moot! There are tens of thousands of civil right cases barred from Jury trial proving that the bill of rights are a myth! There are officials in law enforcement who do nothing, who through inaction ratify this coup of democracy so they will not loose their jobs, retirement and lifetime benefits. The laws protecting whistle blowers have been destroyed by recent Supreme Court decisions openly protecting corrupt and negligent officials, even allowing them to fire and destroy the lives of hero whistle blowers whose redress of grievance is intended to save tax dollars and make a better country by sifting out corrupt officials. Yet even recently, the Scalia court attempted to kill United States Federal Code Title 18 section 1346 which requires officials to obey the 14th amendment by providing “honest services.” Ginsberg objected making evidence of a kick back or bribe in order to hold liable or arrest crooked officials. A compromise which keeps 1346 on the books, but frees many imprisoned officials through appeal. One good motive is that officials caught being corrupt now do not have to embarrass governors or presidents for a pardon! Brilliant get out of jail free card to protect corrupt officials. ABSCAM type citizen recordings to prove kick back or bribe has been made illegal and will land victims attempting to defend themselves against corrupt officials into prison if they provide recorded messages without one of both parties aware of the recording. “Excuse Mr. or Mrs. Or Miss, corrupt official, mind if I record this bribe?” So now virtually all corrupt acts will be given wiggle room for escape from the rare prosecution and the many civil cases that are barred.
      The press is hog tied by recent Supreme Court cases such as the N.Y. Times case. If the press exposes cases like these, Judges who are overtly protecting corrupt officials, are putting the corporate press on notice that exposure of cases of official corruption as a constitutional right to be protected when caught acting corrupt or such as the origin of the 11th amendment type exposure will be devastated by unfavorable punitive decisions weakening the free press. In the U.S.A. the press is as free as the Soviet Pravda propaganda. U.S.A. is no longer a free place to live. You have to have a permit to do anything in this country! County sites are filled with tattle tale links to report un permitted activity! We pay taxes up the ying yang, and if we need to replace dry rot on our home we get fined if we do not get a permit for it. Property ownership is a joke. You are never debt free on a home! Property tax on retired people who can no longer work automatically gives an heir asset to the state! You pay a mortgage all your life only to cut the throat of you children when the state steals it from them after your funeral!
      What to do? Hell I don’t know! Just teach the brain dead to stop self medicating and wake up! That is all I can say!

      1. Sorry Dave,
        I imagine you are wondering what this has to do with your plight, but I would add it has a lot. The above reply was intended for sandra’s response to my add. Good luck on any redress! Unfortunately the bill of rights and the 14th amendment are a pipe dream removed from our constitution without objection from society, because they were never informed. How I stumbled accross it amazes me.

  2. I filed a complaint against local legislatures who were caught covering up fraud that they committed. I eventually was given a letter outlining the fraud by a state senator. Pretty clear evidence.
    It’s a long story, but the point is that the U.S. Federal Courts help local corrupt governments with disparate treatment of civil right litigants. The 11th amendment abolished the Bill of Rights, essentially, in 1790’s when it was ratified the 11th amendment in order to excuse officials (themselves) from the, then, very severe crime of bankruptcy when they breached war debt contracts, see U.S. Supreme Court case Chisholm v. Georgia, and learn the significance of James Wilson who authored article III of the constitution, and read his decision (wikipedia will do)! You’ll find that congress overturned the reasons in the Declaration of Independence with the 11th amendment, and became “sovereign” which was what the Revolution was to put an end to.
    Given this knowledge, and then taking a civil right issue to court qualifies a person to speak on this with authority. All other with ad hominine defense shut your pie holes! Your useless, and probably a bureaucratic sociopath!
    I wish at 52 years old, I could find a place on the Globe that would allow asylum. Free Speech identifies political dissidents. Then the gulag is created in the mind when you are frustrated by overt corruption caused by Mock remedies to redress grievances. You get your day in court, but you only get to speak to a wall. Other countries don’t brag about false freedom, they at least draw the lines and you can choose to become obscure. What a peaceful life that would be anywhere!
    This shouldn’t be in this country, but it is! The only ones who are aware are the poor bastards who speak out against abuse under the color of authority!
    Every one else defending the US hopefully will get their turn! They deserve it due to their inaction and blind eye behavior of acquiescence.

      1. For some reason, by response to “sandra” was put under “Dave” above. Look up their sandra.
        When you find a place to go let me know. I’d like to get a blue water yacht and sail away from port to port till I drop dead of old age!

  3. One more thing, No, it isn’t just draft dodgers and Bush Haters seeking asylum. I don’t think I wouldn’t want people who base their asylum on Bush or Obama in my country. Who happens to be the president has nothing to do with the cultivation of corruption in the US. It is the Constitutional Right of legislators to escape liability of their corrupt acts. See Bogan v. Scott Harris. Yet citizens here do not have a right in the Constitution to be protected from “murder or madmen” and “private violence.” see Gonzales v. Castle Rock. Quite a contrast! Become an official and the Supreme Court will protect your corruption. Be a Murder victim or a victims of violence, and you have no right to be protected by a “restraining order” or Police. The Supreme Court states that “restraining orders are not intended to restrain, but to ad an enhancement to a violator.” That really means murderers have a constitutionally protected right for police to not interfere with their plans to murder!? Crime victims cannot benefit from the constitution, but the criminal justice system can seek overcrowding to justify more Jobs for cronies.

    1. I’m sorry if I gave you the impression I think all American asylum-seekers are “Bush-haters” or “draft-dodgers”. I know that there are a great many asylum-seekers all round the world who are fleeing their home countries for good reason. Hell, who wants to leave the land they were taught to love unless they have good reason to fear their fate if they stay.
      As a British citizen I welcome all those who need to seek asylum in my country. My concern is that the British asylum regulations are racist: if you’re from somewhere like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan and you don’t have lots of money, the UK authorities will probably put you and your family – including little children – into an asylum prison for an indeterminate period before forcibly deporting you back to the country where you fear persecution or even death. I think *everyone* in genuine fear for their safety should be allowed asylum. Unfortunately, no one cares what I think.

  4. Well, sometimes it happens. I worked for a law firm in Colorado. It was pretty much understood that the partners and at least one of the associates was in the witness relocation program.
    They had high staff turnover. We couldn’t even agree on if I was fired or if I quit. I raised some issues and sought a separation agreement – pretty standard stuff.
    One of the partner’s of the firm was a local municipal judge.
    The firm sought extortion charges. Due to some ridiculous and unconstitutional bond conditions, I sat in jail for 10 months awaiting trial. I was acquitted.
    The firm uses it’s status as being part of the “program” to advance it’s less-than-clear agenda.
    I am actively seeking redress but am afraid I may have to go the assylum route.

    1. Wow Oliver that is so Orwellean! Look up Richard I Fine, an attorney in Los Angeles who was imprisoned illegally for 18 months on bogus contempt by a judge he successfully sued! He is now 71 years old, disbarred, and his home is in foreclosure. His crime? Whistleblowing recovering millions of tax dollars illegally stolen by county officials bribing judges every year at 40K dollars a per judge. The county never lost a case, until Fine stopped them. Vindictive Animus for stopping abuse of power under color of law a violation of 42 USC 1983, 1985, in retaliation for redress of grievance, ironically a Constitutionally protected right! These judges need to tried by the people in a lawful forum and if found guilty shot or hung or lethally injected for treason!

  5. Unfortunately Violence against our government is the only answer. In the 1800’s if the people didn’t like the way the government resolved an issue they formed a mob and handled things on their own in the night with masks and torches. They even made jails give up the criminals people wanted and if the jails refused they killed the people in charge too. If you want something done go out tonight and kill a police officer, kill a judge, kill a government employee, kill a politician. If you think there is a peaceful way out here you have never had any dealings with authority here in america before. They are all to quick to result to violence against their own people. Why should we let them do violence to us and us just sit scared trying to hide in our own little worlds? I say do violence to those who would do violence to us. My father gave me a small piece of advice as a youth. He told me “If you believe someone is going to harm you, harm them first and keep harming them.” That is what we need to do to our american government. We need to harm them. We need to take back our country and we need to rebuild it so that it once again reflects “by the people, for the people”. The best way to do this is to start by taking out those that would enforce our horrible governments unjust and unfair laws. This would make our government powerless by removing their ability to hurt us. Can’t beat the radio? Take out the communication tower! Then take out their bases of operation. Burn the fire departments and then the police stations. Makes it hard for FD to put out those fires when their own equipment is ablaze and hard for the PD to do their damage when they can’t communicate and they have no base of operations. Eventually the “man” will send in the Reserves to handle it but even they can be dealt with and with a few well placed points to trap them it could result in the revolutionary forces having a greater surplus of weapons and equipment to fight with. The only way we can take our country back is through killing those who give our country its muscle. They can’t handle us if we revolt. They are spread to thin in other countries. It is all up to us on if we control them or they control us. So far they control us. Do something patriotic for our country and kill a politician,cop,or judge today.

    1. Adam, I am in almost complete agreement with you here. I say “almost” because some lawyers could interpret your post as incitement to violence or fomenting revolution and such stuff, and as i run a blog it wouldn’t take long at all to track me down and do something to me. So, I say I am in complete agreement with some of what you say. Which bits? I’ll leave that for you and others to work out.
      One thing you said I agree with wholeheartedly: your father’s advice. If you think someone’s going to hurt you, make sure you hurt them first. In a serious, no-rules fight, the guy who lands the first blow usually wins. Capt WE Fairbairn, co-inventor of the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife and hand-to-hand combat instructor to OSS and OSE operatives and paratroopers in both the USA and UK during WW2, drummed that into his students from day 1. He wrote a couple of books, Get Tough and Knife-fighting Techniques, which are available in pdf format for free over the internet. I don’t have links for them right now, but when I find them I will post them. (Or you could do something and use Google to find them: a search term like “get tough” fairbairn filetype:pdf might be a good starting point – check out my blog post on how to find things on the internet.) And let me repeat: they are available for free – so why in hell would you not want to download them? It’s not like their banned or anything. They are excellent books, but I must warn you: many/most of the techniques should only be used in life-or-death situations. I don’t know exactly how “self-defense” rules work in other countries (I’m in the UK, and I have only a very hazy understanding of how self-defense works here), but I know that if you let the other guy hit you first, and that other guy knows what he’s doing, it’ll probably be over in 2 hits: he hits you, you hit the deck. Don’t let that happen to you.
      Something you might need to worry about: even as a lowly blog owner, I was able to find out your reply was sent via *****. If the US government asked nicely, ***** would gladly well them who was using that IP address at the time your post was made. I doubt Homeland Security or whoever are gonna come crashing through your door anytime soon. And there are many ways to obfuscate your name/location when posting on the net (one of these days I will post an educational article detailing some of these tricks). I am in no way suggesting that you have been careless in making that comment – how would I know what security steps you took? But be careful Adam (and everyone else). The wrath of the US government knows no bounds.
      EDIT: I’m terribly sorry: when I first wrote that reply, a few hours ago, I didn’t obfuscate the name of the ISP I assume you’re using. I have now edited the reply, replacing the ISP’s name with *****. This isn’t because I believe the “defenders of democracy” would use my little slip-up to track you down: they’ll be able to pinpoint what IP address you used to ost the reply, same as I did, and they have the legal powers to actually force ***** to reveal who was using that particular IP addy at that particulat time.
      I’m probably preaching to the choir here: anyone with any serious interest in online anonymity and security probably knows more tricks than I do to avoid the fedz kicking in your door early one morning. But, no matter how clued-up you are on these matters, it is important to set yourself an online security/anonymity checklist and go through it whenever you’re doing anything that might put your freedom or life at risk. Yes, you might think it’s okay to post silly stuff on Facebook via a throwaway email address/spam magnet: but if there is any kind of “paper” (now “data”) trail that in any way can be linked to your more important accounts, don’t do it. Get yourself a free Gmail or Yahoo account and use that for your frivolities.
      Also, be aware: when you open a free webmail account (eg Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail… the list goes on and on…), the webmail provider will keep a record of the IP address you were using when you opened the account! So, if you can get away with it, use someone else’s connection to create the account: go buy a latte from McDonalds and use their free wireless connection; or maybe a helpful neighbour thoughtfully leaves his wifi router open for anyone to use. Don’t open a webmail account unless you are sure your IP addy has been obfuscated. Governments everywhere are now taking the internets far miore seriously than they did just a few years ago. Now they want to get defendants in the dock and make them deterrents by imposing long, long jail terms or even the death sentence. Problem is, the world’s governments no nothing about the internet. Heck, how coldl they overlook the Streisand effect when they closed down the domain. The authorities have only themselves to bame for the info we’re getting from Wikileaks’ more respectable colleagues like the New York Times, the Guardian and Le Monde. I doubt very much that blood will be spilled directly because of the disclosures. US ambassadors and their bosses in Washington will be wiping egg mess from their Wikileaks-related bumf etc for some time to come These silly little children need to learn: this is the real world, where folk must face consequenes for their actions. Of course, Assange will die in suspicious circumstances, and the yanks will think it’s all sorted. How wrong can they be?!!

  6. No Americas seeking asylum abroad is very real. It is not just people in the military but ordinary citizens. It is hard to understand that. I often roll my eyes and I am an American who sought political asylum in Sweden. It is a very sensitive topic and I hope people will use proper discretion when discussing. We are talking about people who have endured persecution and that is why we left. What is required is compassion and understanding. People have lost a great deal. The problem is that Americas are no afforded protection assistance from other countries. Only one American was granted asylum in Netherlands for a time before she returned. Outside of that it has been Cuba. But the USA provides asylum for EU countries such as Germany and I believe Finland. Which makes Americans suckers for not expecting the same for which they give. Americas accept everyone even the illegals. The government and multinational corporations have worldwide ‘friends’ but not the American people.

  7. Here as an American, I have been recruited by members of the military to participate in the illegal arrests and murder of political criminals in an allied country (when we were not officially at war), I have been tortured and harassed by police, I have been threatened, had running street chases with authorities, faced down swat teams-unarmed-had my civil rights to speech, assembly, work and education violated, have had my 4th amendment rights repeatedly–illegally violated, have been threatened with death by active members of the current federal administration, been refused healthcare, been refused legal redress, been assaulted, had a firebomb attached to my car, had my family threatened and under surveillance, been publicly slandered by national and local media–and yet somehow the idea that someone like me from America would apply for political asylum is still seen as a joke.

  8. For the past few weeks, I have spent the nights sometimes sobbing over the insane direction my country seems to be going. My neighborhood as fallen apart from foreclosures. The bank “lost” my paperwork to do a loan remod multiple times until they finally wore me down. I may lose a home I bought and fixed up. I made it so much better than I found it. I will have no retirement. No one helps us and no one cares. I am unemployed and so sick of looking for a job, I cannot do it seriously anymore. I no health care. I have lived and worked faithfully in my country for four decades. I have been a perfect citizen. Not broken any law. Law abiding. I help my neighbors but I think I am at the breaking point now after listening to our insane politicians tonite on the news talk about rape and forcing a woman to have a baby if she gets raped and proposing legislation to force all women to have vaginal probes exams at their whim. These are sick men and it appears almost half of my country is in favor of allowing them to run my country. Yes, this is what our only other choice in a country with only two, is proposing to do if they win the election and they might. They are sick, white male bullies, profoundly stupid, who despite millions of Americans being out of work, our infrastructure falling apart, severe drought has wiped out thousands of farmers, millions of homes in foreclosure, bank criminals still making a killing, random mass gun killings nearly every day in some part of my country, THIS is what they talking about–striping every American woman of her basic rights but what scares me most, is I believe many of these men are clinically insane. For weeks now, I have been sobbing, I cannot sleep at night, by what is happening to America and all of you in other countries need to understand that America is going insane. This is no joke. Tonite, after crying for a few hours, it hit me that perhaps I can request political asylum in another country. This fills me with tremendous pain because I love or loved my country so much but I cannot go on like this. What it means to live in America now means to be constantly harassed. You are constantly harassed just by wanting to live your life from day to day. You are harassed by not knowing if you will have health care. You are harassed by not knowing if you can get a job. You are harassed by not knowing if you can keep your home. Yes, in America now, you cannot even secure even the most basic things to stay alive and now food prices will rise with our severe national drought. And our politicians are on the news about vaginal probes being required for all women and what it means to rape a woman. This is America now my friends. Taken over by a block of sick white males. I am exhausted with just trying to live from day to day. Tonite, it hit me, I could request political asylum in another country. I do not know how to do it but I cannot take this anymore. Please someone, tell me how to do it. My ancestry is 100% Western European–Ireland, Britain, and Czech. I still have my great grandparents immigration paperwork. My great grandmother came from Ireland and my great grandfather came from Britain. I love Britain and all of Europe. I also love Canada. Can anyone tell me if you have immigration papers showing your family came from Ireland and U.K., is it easier to claim asylum? I don’t think I can tell you how painful it is for good normal decent Americans to see this happening to their country but the extremists ARE driving us out and our “representatives” are failing us. I welcome all guidance and feedback.
    My heart is breaking but I want to go now.

  9. America has entered into an agreement with most of its neighbors to block any American citizen from being granted political asylum. If you want to try for Asylum, you will have to petition a nation that is not one of the British Commonwealth, or EU. Russia doesn’t like P.A.s at all, Israel, unless your’e Jewish, forget it. Maybe one of the central American republics, or Cuba (I know, like we should have to impose on those folks for help), or perhaps one of the larger south American states. There’s not much out there for Americans, the fascists here have already closed off the normal political and criminal due processes available to anyone else in the world. I hope you find something, perhaps you can travel somewhere and hope to gain permanent or extended residency and then renounce your citizenship and become a stateless person. You might go to a detention center for that, but under most legal systems, you are then entitled to a stateless person identity and travel document. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the discouraging information. There are actually some countries in Europe I have been reading about that accept Americans–Croatia, Sovenia, Slovakia…and others. They are the smaller “more obscure” countries. I also checked with an immigration attorney who told me the same thing. There are American friendlier countries who will accept Americans. I am looking into it. Maybe I will move into the Ecuador embassy in Britain though I hear not much space available at this time. Anyway, I think if you do your due diligence, maybe there is a country that wants a law-abiding decent human being and in the meantime, the U.S. presidential campaign is talking about how to “legally” rape a woman! Isn’t this just fabulous for the “greatest country on earth”! Thanks very much.

      1. There are some very effective legal firms in Britain that can help you. It’s really only folks like me, who have no money left, who cannot easily emigrate. If you can afford at least a thousand dollars, I would check out one of this legal firms, their presence on the web makes them easy to find, just check the company out before you pay for any consultations. Good luck, I hope you make it out of here, I’ll keep trying too.

        1. $2000 is what this attorney told me and 3 years…to get my dual citizenship if I even get it. Same with Canada–IF you even get in and none of the money he charges for his time is “refundable.” He suggested a VISA/work permit as the best way to go and quicker. Then when you get over there and establish yourself, etc. it may be smoother route to citizenship. There are quite a few companies to help with VISA or work permit processing I have found on the Internet as you mentioned and yes, must be careful. Also teaching English overseas is an option too. I wish us all the best but mostly, I wish this Country the best as it stands on the precipice of prosperity or collapse. Are we Rome? Unfortunately, we may be the ones who find out the answer. Thanks so much.

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