Wikileaks STILL offline

OMG what’s going on with Wikileaks? The site has been offline for some time now, apparently because of funding issues. According to

To underline the necessity of financial help, Wikileaks has gone offline until January, 11th. The website currently states:

To concentrate on raising the funds necessary to keep us alive into 2010, we have reluctantly suspended all other operations, until Jan 11.

Find more information on how you can (financially) support and contribute to Wikileaks here…

Well, it’s Feb 6 now – which comes after Jan 11… and Wikileaks is still offline. And there’s no explanation on the front page; there is no front page! All I get now is a blank screen. Which means there is no message explaining how we can donate money to them. WTF is going on?!! Don’t they want our money any more? Have they given up in the face of a hostile capitalism? Have the bad guys won?
If you use’s Wayback Machine to look at’s front page in the past, you’ll see an announcement that begins: “Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable system for untracable mass document leaking and public analysis.” But what’s happened here very clearly demonstrates that Wikileaks is vulnerable to censorship by money and the lack thereof. It looks like for the want of funds, Wikileaks has fallen. Will it get back up? I dunno… But it doesn’t look good. If we don’t know how and where to send donations, we can’t send the money Wikileaks needs so badly. If anyone reading this can tell us where to send donations, please do so either in the Comments for this post or via the contact form.
I hope we haven’t seen the last of Wikileaks. It did a lot to help the cause of free speech and made it pretty safe for whistleblowers to blow their whistles. So come on Wikileaks! I don’t want to tell you to rest in peace.

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  1. No the federal government has shut down their site operations, and I couldn’t share this with them. I believe that soon we will have proof that USA foreign aid to other countries have been diverted to fund and finance Al Quada, and that the Pentagon is a traitor organization that has operated against the interests of the USA >>> <<<<

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