T-Mobile make me sick

I’ve got this deal with T-Mobile: I pay them £x and in return they give me “unlimited” mobile broadband on top of cellphone service.
Only it isn’t unlimited, is it? There’s a “fair use policy”, which isn’t very fair at all. If you look here, you’ll see what these unfair use policies entail: details vary a little from plan to plan, but the upshot is the user has a “maximum allowance” of data transfer – these allowances can be as small as 40MB per day! – and if you exceed this allowance (by using a mobile internet device for its proper purpose – ie accessing the internet) T-Mobile “restricts” your ability to use the web!
Here’s the message you receive if you attempt to access the internet once your allowance is used up:

Notice from T-Mobile
You’ve now exceeded your internet Fair Use Policy
At T-Mobile we want to give you our customers the best service possible.
Our Fair Use Policy (FUP) helps us do this and also means we don’t have to charge any run on rates. We will never ask you to pay more than you agreed, so you’ll always know how much you’re paying and never get an unexpected bill.
Each internet option comes with its own Fair Use Policy. We’ve already sent a text message letting you know you had reached 80% of your FUP, and now you’ve used over 100%.
You will continue to be able to use your internet for unlimited browsing. That means you’ll still be able to browse websites, login to Facebook, check your Hotmail or catch the news on the BBC.
For the time being, however, between 4pm and midnight you won’t be able to do other heavy usage activities such as watching videos or downloading applications. Before 4pm and after midnight your internet service will continue to run as normal.
Your Fair Use Policy duration depends on how you purchase your internet. When your Fair Use Policy begins again, either at the start of the next calendar month or your next purchase, it will be reset to 0 and your service will return to normal.

So “between 4pm and midnight you won’t be able to do other heavy usage activities such as watching videos or downloading applications”… or, indeed, downloading files from remote machines, or any email attachments that T-Mobile classify as “large”, nor can I upload “large” files… and this ridiculous state of affairs will continue until the end of the calendar month – unless, of course, I’d like to pay extra to get a larger “allowance” (though none have a particularly large allowance as far as I can see). And T-Mobile also bans the use of instant messaging over their network. No doubt because the availability of IM would eat away at their lucrative business of selling SMS to teenagers.
Because that’s what all this “fair use” crap is about, of course. The policies are full of bull like “We’ll monitor how much you send and receive each calendar month so that we can protect our network for all our customers”. But what it all means is that T-Mobile can try to guarantee all of their customers a little internet access at the expense of those who need to use the internet a lot.
I realize this is all standard operating policy now with internet service providers, so I shouldn’t complain about T-Mobile in particular. But I will complain about T-Mobile because they’re the bastards who are screwing with me right now! And I’ll also give Vodafone a special mention as I’ve suffered at their hands too. But they are all a bunch of wankers. Seems to me that there’s a cartel in operation, fixing prices amongst themselves so there’s nowhere for a cost-conscious customer to go. And of course, like the flock of stupid sheep we are, we hand over our hard-earned dosh to the robbers when we should be handing them their own heads.
But maybe they’re not all on the take – at least, perhaps some of the thieves are a little less dishonest. Next month I’m going to give 3 a try. They sell prearranged “data allowances” so I can pay, for instance, £15 and get a 3GB allowance. The prices are still outrageous, but maybe I’ll be able to use my mobile devices for their intended purpose – to use the internet while out and about!

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0 thoughts on “T-Mobile make me sick”

  1. Well now they have removed the 4-midnight restriction too.
    Once you exceed the limit (which takes about three days!) you are unable to watch videos, download or upload large files AT ALL until the next calender month!
    So essentually you will be paying to “browse” only.
    I asked them why they have done this and they explained that if I want to watch videos etc then I should “use my home broadband” upon explaining that I work away from home so I do not have broadband I was pretty much told “tough”
    So essentually I am now unable to complete my work away from home because of their restrictions.

    1. I am a little puzzled by your comment. As far as I can tell, T-Mobile’s new Fair Use Policy only applies to customers who joined T-Mobile from February 2011. Have a look at this page – http://support.t-mobile.co.uk/help-and-support/index?page=support&cat=FAIR_USE_POLICY&tab=0&id=FA968 .
      I’m not basing this merely on what that page says though: I have conducted experiments, and it appears I can still do heavy data usage activities (downloading large files, watching videos) between midnight and 4pm even though I have exceeded the old Fair Use Policy limits.
      But I’m not saying you’re wrong. YMMV. And of course, T-Mobile might do something foul and nefarious to me at any time. Which will be the day I kick T-Mobile into touch and find a nicer way to conduct my online activities.
      Incidentally, I am completely and utterly sick of the way internet service providers can advertise their product as “unlimited” data usage when in fact it *is* limited – and usually limited to a ridiculous amount like 1GB per month. One of these days I’m going to launch a massive campaign against this blatant lie, and I hope everyone else who’s suffered this crap will join my protest. How in the name of Eris are the ISPs allowed to lie like this and not fall foul of trading standards laws? Makes no bloody sense to me. Except, of course, for the fact that the ISPs and the legislators are in bed together, and giving each other hand shandies under the dining table. If I had a gun, and shooting liars was legal, there would be big piles of dead liars littering the streets.

  2. Daniel M: Curiouser and curiouser. I still get unthrottled internet access between midnight and 4pm (UK time – currently GMT) even if I go over T-Mobile’s “fair” use policy limits. Why am I allowed to download obscene amounts of data when others are not?
    Daniel, could you please tell us when you became a T-Mobile pay as you go customer (ie was it before or after Feb 2011)? Because the only reason I can see for my untrammelled abuse of T-Mobile’s “generous” (hah!) service is because I started using them before Feb 2011 and so I am covered by the old Fair Use Policy; not the post-Feb FUP that is buggering you.
    If anyone else has experience and/or comment on this issue, please leave a Comment. I find this all very *straaange*…

      1. Daniel: I am with you all the way. I think T-Mobile (and all the ISPs who operate ridiculous “Fair Use Policies”) should rename them to something more honest.
        I did consider “Unfair Use Policy” but decided against it because its name might be seen to imply that it is we, the users, who are being unfair in some way.
        The only solutions are: legislation forces the mobile companies to charge fair rates (like that’s gonna happen) or we turn to cheaper but less useful connection services like landline broadband and public hotspots (some of which are just as bad as the mobile companies).
        I really do see this as a major problem. Landline broadband is not always available, and there are far too few public hotspots. One solution is meshing and ad-hoc wireless networks. Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen for a long time – too many vested interests against it.
        The only other solution that comes to mind (apart from the pitchforks and flaming torches) is a campaign against the status quo. I know it’s a forlorn hope, but consumers can beat the mobile providers sometimes. Phonecall charging is becoming less extortionate thanks to preesure from/on OFCOM or OFTEL or whatever they’re calling themselves now. But it’s taken a hell of a long time and still isn’t ideal. So if the mobile providers *were* forced to play the game, it’ll probably be our children’s children who feel the benefit.
        Despite my cynicism I *am* interested in an attempt to make the sods back down – via OFCOM/OFTEL/pitchforks and flaming torches, I’m open to suggestions. Please, anyone who would like to take part in this revolution, leave a Comment. Or use the Contact Form if you prefer (link at the top of the page). The mobile service providers are robbing us blind… legally!

  3. I fucking hate t mobile you get the limit in like 2 days whats the point spending £15 for browsing why does it even says unlimited when it clearly is fucking limited are you retarded t mobile?

  4. This is the sort of thing that causes wars. Best suggestion is to turn your backs on these internet companies – in fact, turn your back on civilisation – head into the wild and stop demanding corruption to lead you. Become your own master again… Fuck the internet!

  5. T.mobile u are full of shit fair use policy my ass i can use my net cus of de crab u call fair use policy i can wati to swtich to 3 network it far better than u guys u guys make me sick rubbish all to gether dam u t.mobile

  6. Fair use policy? Who fair? Fair to who? .
    You pay your hard earned dollar for a fair deal, not some arbitary,
    “Sorry you have reached your fair use limit”.
    “Fair use” needs to to be taken to court,
    Someone needs to argue this catch all definition of “fair” before a court of law.
    I shall dream on.
    Who defines “fair”
    What an anemic word.

  7. Treat with caution!!! This message came up on my t-mobile phone browser when i was trying to access yahoo email. I called T-mobile who said I had not exceeded the limit and they reset it to make sure. They also said that they would normally send such a message via text and there would normally be warning messages beforehand. Also i notice a link at the bottom of the page which states “Click to continue with no extra charges”. I have not clicked the link as I am very suspicious of this message. Treat with caution!!!

  8. So far I’ve had nothing but trouble from T-Mobile. I have signed up for a one month rolling contract which offers me 5GB of mobile broadband for £15. If you’re into entertainment, 5GB is pretty useless. I am not even out of my first month and I’ve spent the last few days trying to get them to wave the excess data charges they’ve put onto my bill. See, I knew that I would probably consume 5GB in less than one month because I enjoy sites like YouTube and other, well…interesting sites too (HumorOn is one such site. It’s outrageus!!!) Even though I expected to reach my F.U.P I also expected NOT to be charged for continued browsing. Why? Because T-Mobile promise not to charge.
    Here’s what happened to me. I was watching a video when it suddenly stopped working. I checked my data on the MyT-Mobile site and saw that I had reached my limit. I had not recieved any warning from T-Mobile that I was approaching my limit but that didn’t concern me too much as I had been able to keep tabs on my usage myself. I tried to load other vieos on other sites and found that I could not do so. I thought, ‘this is what T-Mobile do to their customers who have reached their limit. They do this instead of charging run on rates. Well, according to their website they do. Ok, so I’ll have a restricted service for the rest of the month but I guess that’s better than extra charges on my bill’
    For a couple of days I had to suffer a restricted service. Then, suddenly, YouTube videos began to work again. Huh? I checked my pending bill using their site and saw that the amount to pay had not increased from the agreed £15. I decided to enjoy this newly reformed service whilst keeping an eye on my bill. For a couple of days my bill stayed at £15. My data showed 0.0mb available but ONLY on the MyT-Mobile website. When I checked my statistics on the log in page I could see that actually, I DO have data left…a whole GB!! ‘So that’s it,’ I thought. ‘Videos are working again because my statistics show available data.’
    Not quite.
    The statistics may show available data but only as an approximation. I HAD run out of data and what’s more T-Mobile were charging a day rate of £3 for every day I had accessed the Internet post F.U.P. I checked my bill to see that it had now inreased by £5. That’s two days at £2.50 without V.A.T. I phoned them and was told that the reason I had not seen this bill increase earlier was because they do not update their website in ‘real time.’ The next day I saw that my bill had increased again by another £5.
    My bill read £27.50, they told me that the final tally would be closer to £50 (remember that they do not update in real time) and I was expecting a bill of £15.
    After explaining my case, (the discrepency in the two data readings, their repeated promise not to charge for exceeding F.U.P, the apparent restricted service coinciding with company policy and the fact that I had not had my browsing session redirected untill TEN DAYS AFTER EXCEEDING MY F.U.P) they agreed to wave the excess charges. The problem is that my bill STILL reads £30 when it should read £15. I know that they do not update quickly but I should see the evidence by now as they agreed to reduce my bill last night.
    I do not trust them. Should I pay the agreed £15 and then just cancel my direct debit to avoid giving them access to the data charges? I have tried phoning them again today but I got sick of being on hold. I will try phoning them later on and just see what they say.
    Wish me luck!

  9. Had an argument about this Fair usage nonsense with T-mobile. The guy agreed it was a limitation but not a limit per say. There’s no difference. The agent’s reasoning was other companies (and he mentioned Vodafone) charge their customers after the limit has been breached. I asked him if Vodafone stopped charging their customer’s once there had been a breach, would it still be called a limit? Of course it would. Idiots.

  10. I’ve been with tmobile ever since I had a fone whether it’s pay as you go or contract, I just hate their services and the while fair use policy! Bloody nonsense! I am going to leave them, fuck tmobile!!! And try and get all my people out of tmobile!

  11. check blogs on port swapping…..u can beat the system….u can download to your hearts content and still show less than 1mb usage….also the help and blogs on torrent download sites…..enjoy

  12. Right now I’m sitting here trying to watch a video on Youtube. It’s 12:48 midnight and it WILL NOT let me watch it. Stating that I am still within the ‘fair use’ period. I’m not. I find it hard to describe this corrupt company without the use of the words: cunt, fuckers, thieves, wankers and money grabbing fucktards.

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  14. Bah! I thought I would remain on my original terms of service forever, but I was wrong. T-Mob sneaked in the new ToS, limiting me to browsing if I exceeded the “fair use” level. Just browsing – no more downloading/uploading/bittorrenting/streaming video or audio – just browsing! Fortunately I dropped my phone in a cup of coffee and, although I managed to dry it and keep it working for a couple of weeks, finally the phone died (it did quite well – I bought it in 2007 I think, so I had it for 5 or 6 years).
    I looked around at the various mobile service providers, devices, costs, etc, and I finally opted for a 3 usb dongle. I live in the UK, and 3 give me 3GB traffic for £15. Not too bad for a pay as you go deal (I refuse to even entertain the idea of entering into a contract – I did that several years ago and found myself trapped in a loveless marriage for 18 months… never again!).
    At some point I’m going to get myself a fibre-optic landline home broadband connection set up. I still don’t know whose service I’ll use – if I had to do it *right now* I would probably opt for one of BT’s allegedly “unlimited” deals – but I’m not going to do it for a while so who knows what wonderful deals will be available in the future? I’ve sort of flirted with the idea of a Sky phone and broadband deal – they do actually offer this option, even though satellite TV is their bread and butter. I just object to the idea of paying for TV when it’s available via Freeview, Freeview+, FreeSat… yeah, I know a Sky or Virgin Media TV deal would give me lots of channels I can’t get any other way, but TV really isn’t what I want here – I want INTERNET CONNECTION!!
    Anyway, to summarize: T-Mob finally got round to screwing me, I switched to a 3 mobile broadband dongle that gives me 3GB for £15 – I can’t afford to use the dongle for much video downloading, but there’s a McDonald’s AND a KFC not too far away, so I can go to one of said fast-food joints, buy a cup of coffee or something, then me and my dog sit outside and use their generous free internet connection for my high-traffic activities. It’s nice in the weather we’re currently experiencing round here, warm and sunny; I guess when the British weather attacks me I’ll have to leave the dog at home and sit inside the restaurant with my laptop. I don’t like fast food much, but both KFC and McDonald’s sell a half-decent coffee nowadays, and if I’m a paying customer I think I’m entitled to cane their free broadband! No one’s complained yet, and I use macchanger as a rule so no one will identify a particular mac address as a heavy-duty moocher.
    T-Mobile makes me sick, but I don’t use their ridiculous service anymore, so hah! the joke’s on them! (Saying that, in the UK T-Mobile and Orange have fused into a single entity called EE – “Everything Everywhere”, I think… and my bloody Android phone is an Orange/EE job. So they’ve still got their sweaty hands in my pockets; but my phone’s fucking up, I’ll have to upgrade sometime soon, and I think I will go with 3 when I buy a new phone. Whenever that is: I can’t afford a phone right now… this recession and austerity business is hitting my wallet pretty hard. Swings and roundabouts, my dears, swings and roundabouts: doesn’t really matter what you do, the bastards always get their sticky fingers on your loot one way or another. Did I mention – IT MAKES ME SICK!!

  15. Fucking T-Mobile is shit like hell! They are like motherfuckers from outerspace, shit heads, won’t t-mob, won’t let me even watch one YouTube video?!?! Seriously, I always get this fucking message when I play the video “sorry, we can’t play this file on your phone”, I mean, who does that?! Nokia Lumia 610, is the phone I am using now, it really pisses me off, whenever I click on a random YouTube video… Hope t-Mob, will eat shit and die, and hope they get killed!! Sorry guys, I’m fucking shit worried about this! Grrrr…. >.<

  16. 10 days before my unlimited internet booster for £5 expired, and T-Mobile text me to notify me that I had used 80% of my fair use policy then 1 hour later I had exceeded it. But I don’t understand be but why???
    And they said I could use YouTube and download files from midnight to 4pm but I am unable to do so.
    It really infuriates me as I just change from 3 to T-Mobile last month and now I wish I never -___-

    1. The way it used to be for me, when I exceeded my “fair use” limit, I could do high data-transfer stuff (like streaming video or downloading media) between midnight and 4pm, and at other times I could only browse the web. But then they changed the “fair” use policy: once I exceeded the limit I could *only* browse websites for the rest of the month, regardless of the time of day or night.
      I found this unacceptable, so I switched from T-Mobile to 3. This is for mobile broadband on my laptop (I was using a PAYG phone as a modem on T-Mobile, which isn’t allowed under their “fair” use policy, and now I use a PAYG 3 dongle) and IMHO the 3 mobile broadband dongle is the best deal going in the UK – as far as PAYG is concerned, it might be different if you have a contract – and this is all IMHO, YMMV.
      Sent from an Android smartphone

  17. This is so annoying -.- i payed for VIP on a game called moviestarplanet and my fair use stufff stopped e from going on it, fgs i need to get a new network v.v

  18. Tell me about it, I recieved a text message from t-mobile Nokia lumia 610, “you have reached over 100%…”. Now you can catch up the news and browse over the net. I really hate that, espically when I get annoyed that I can’t watch YouTube videos or to download files. This really pisses me off.

  19. This is so fucking annoying I have exceeded the fair usage policy but it is now almost 1am on 1st of the month so surely you’d think I am able to stream videos but nope still nothing really pisses me off that I wait almost 2 weeks for the 1st of the month so I can watch movies and tv online and I cannot watch them

  20. T-Mobile are a joke, the ”fair use policy” is a load of bollocks. It runs out so quickly, its an absolute scandal. It’s so hard the moment looking for the right internet dongle that requires as card, because all the other ones tell you to pay via online. I don’t want to go on a wireless as you have to pay loads more money each month, so I’m out of options. I’m stuck with shitty T-Mobile. Rant over!

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