"Weapons haul" found by police in Worcester, UK… but it's all a load of crap, as usual.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010.
According to the papers in the UK, especially those prone to hysteria whenever even a weak connection to “terrorists” can be inferred by dumb-ass readers, a shit-load of munitions were seized by police in a quiet respectable suburb of Worcester in the West Midlands.  Take a look at this photo from the newspaper “The Sun” (the Sun is a sensationalist UK paper whose sister paper The News of the World is under investigation for gaining unauthorized access to voicemail belonging to high-ranking politicians and business figures:

Sun photo showing police carrying weaponary from the Worcester house

Look at the pics, and the other pics available out there in the intertubes: see how clean, and new this ordnance is. To me, this makes me wonder: the army boys told the cops that the munitions were replica and harmless; and the cops decided to act like real super-cops.  The cops didn’t put the munitions in evidence bags or in any way try to avoid being photographed.  They wanted to be photographed; they probably told the photographers to turn up.  Now they’re a bunch of hard, dedicated coppers who carry military weapons with complete disregard for their own safety.  But what about the public’s safety?  Don’t worry, the bombs are only toys.  But shh don’t tell anyone.
Even before the truth came out, I was suspicious.  The nature of the weapons I saw pics of and read about was far too modern to be anything but replicas belonging to replica collectors, war re-enactors and the like; if they were real, they were something to be very concerned about.  A terrorist organization amassing a cache like that would indicate that something’s going to happen – and there are more caches like this.  The fact that all the news editors must have been pretty sure by deadline time that the munitions were fake and almost certainly legally held didn’t stop them from making it seem a terror incident.
And now the truth has come out: take a look at the Worcester News website and you’ll find this puff piece, making sure that no criminal charges have been brought against him. Graham Lane is a 65-year old collector of deactivated and replica firearms, and he’s a gun club chief.
Apart from the crazed response to this story by the sleazy “terrorism sells” tabloids, there’s another point that baffles me. According to the Worcester News of Tuesday, after listing the sensationalist list of “munitions retrieved” – “more than 30 guns , including rifles and shotguns, and a gun cabinet were removed from the house” – an Inspector John Mackay said:

“During our search we discovered some munitions. We asked the Army to come in and keep them safe for us. The only reason the Army has been called is because they have the experts to handle the munitions. I’m not qualified to say what the munitions are.”

So this presumably highly-trained army bomb disposal specialists were unable to tell the difference between real explosives and pretend stuff? Sneck, no wonder the casualty rate of innocent Afghanis being brutalized, tortured and even killed.
And we’re no safer here. Go out in the street and play with toy guns: how long before an armed response unit turns up and wastes some teenager with a water pistol. Doesn’t this make you feel safe at night?

Graham Lane, gun club chief, falsely arrested yesterday for having a garage full of toys

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  1. What are you talking about the bomb disposal team not knowing the diffrence between real and fake? We xrayed all the items and once we were happy we let the police take some items not all,as for the police they are not qualified to talk about what we found so he was covering his back, not listing things he has no idea about.

    1. rikki, you’re leaving the main point of my post unanswered: why did the cops parade out of there with “weapons” over their shoulders – weapons that, by your own admission, you had declared safe. Are you going to try and pretend that the whole thing wasn’t a photo-op to make us ignorant members of the public feel safe that the “experts” were watching our backs, and to make out that Graham Lane was some kind of psycho terrorist like that nutcase who killed a bunch of children in Scandinavia or the Hungerford idiot?
      Those deactivated/replica weapons could have been taken away in bags or boxes, there was no need for them to be exhibited to the world. And guess what rikki: if, as I assume, you were one of the weapons experts called in to report if the items were safe, you were just one other part of the whole security theatre act. An unwitting part, perhaps (if we’re meant to believe that you’re too stupid to realise what was going on), but you played your part nevertheless.
      Incidentally, when are you going to contact the Sun to tell them there was no “weapons haul” after all? I’ll bet you’ll *never* put the Sun straight, cos that won’t help you and your bosses maintain the security theatre that’s been in place ever since your colleagues murdered that guy on the Tube in London.

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