Julian Assange jailed while Sweden tries to extradite him

Unbefuckinglievable – a London judge has remanded Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange re Sweden’s attempt to extradite him on sex crime charges.
Actually that’s a load of crap: it’s completely believable. We’re talking about Britain here; the same country that refused to extradite Augusto Pinochet to Spain to stand trial on charges of crimes against humanity.
So Julian Assange is banged up in HMP Wandsworth awaiting the possibility that he’ll be sent to Sweden to stand trial on sex crime charges. Only he won’t stand trial in Sweden at all – this is all happening so the USA will be able to get hold of him. Of course, if he is sent to America he will be executed as a terrorist.
And Sweden says there has been no political pressure to do this. Liars.
BTW: the site wikileaks.ch is still up and running, as of this post (8.12pm, Tue 7 Dec 2010). Give Wikileaks your support, moral if not financial. We cannot allow the USA and its serf-allies to stop the truth from being told.

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  1. I’m gona make Julian Assange kneel and suck my dick in prison for all the blood he has spilled.
    He is a terrible person, a liar and a fool.
    Makes us hackers look bad and takes the fight for net nutrality and throws it out the window.

  2. Can you please cite an actual case where a Wikileaks disclosure has resulted in spilled blood? I’ve searched and can find no such example.
    Please remember: in regard to the “Iraq war logs” and “Cablegate” leaks, Wikileaks actually sent their material to generally accepted responsible media outlets: the New York Times, the Guardian, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and others. Experienced journalists went through the logs, looking for and deleting/”redacting” any details that might actually put US spies/agents/informants/assets in danger. So no one’s life has been put in danger. No blood has been spilled.
    As for that crap “He makes us hackers look bad”… WTF? Most hackers believe that “information wants to be free”. Not live, military, operational info that might gives enemies a heads-up – but stuff the US and other governments have been sitting on becauses it makes them “look bad”.
    You say he’s a “liar”: what important, relevant stuff has he lied about? You say he’s a “fool”: but I rather believe he has shown incredible intellidence in setting up his “life insurance policy”. For those who don’t know about this: Assange has distributed to trusted friends large ENCRYPTED files that contain files detailing the names of US intelligence officers, agents, and other sensitive material. If anything untoward happens to Assange, the files will be unencrypted and uploaded to internet servers all over the world. Basically, he’s told the USA: you fuck with me and I will fuck you in ways unimaginable. He doesn’t want to put lives in danger; but he sure as hell isn’t going to go down without a fight.
    Assange is not a fool or a liar. He might be a “terrible person”: I don’t know the guy. But he is publibly putting his own life on the line in an attempt to protect freedom of expression on the internet. That makes me inclined to respect the guy.
    Oh, and BTW: imprisoning/executing/assassinating Assange will *not* bring and end to these kinds of leaks. Assange != Wikileaks, he’s just their public face at the moment – their lightning rod, if you like. The genii is out the bottle. Even if the USA tried to “close down” the internet, the leaks will continue. The internet was designed to route around problems. The USA’s attempts to frighten whistleblowers is basically a farce. And Ronjerime: if you actually *are* in prison right now, how in hell you gonna make Assange suck your cock. It’s bitches who do the sucking… and you, Ronjerome, are a bitch of the highest order. Hell, it must hurt like hell when the boys have had their fun and you sit down to watch TV in the rec room.

  3. Nice bitch remark, you got balls.
    Blood? tell that to the two dead swedes who were shopping when that suicide boomer blew them up because Sweden was seeking Julian Assange arrest.
    That said I enjoy a good debate.
    You really need to rethink your position on this. As we speak half of the wiki leaks team has quit and is starting new leaks site that blots out peoples name. I’m afraid that speaks volumes, and really the basis for my argument. I even go so far to say that is responsible journalism and to be frank a more interesting engaging read.
    It’s Julian Assanges self fulfilling sensationalism that drives the free internet movement in the wrong direction. All he has accomplished is to give cause for governments to censor the internet.
    And quite frankly blaming the worlds problems on the USA is cheap. An asshole is an asshole, they are a nation to themselves and there’s one in every family. I suppose just like your in mine.

    1. Ronjerime: Sorry about the bitch remark. It was rude and cowardly of me to type such a thing when you’re not actually present. If we ever meet in person we can “discuss” it face to face. Or face to the wall, if that’s your preferred position.
      Anyway, to the point(s) of this reply. Blaming the world’s problems on America only *seems* cheap because so many say it. Fact is, the US (government and corporations) are responsible for so much death, suffering, pollution, propping up diabolical tyrants, starting wars on financial and “pro-democracy” grounds, they’re probably worse than China. Not to their own happy, docile population, but when the rest of the world hears those three syllables “U-S-A”, they pop hernias. Cos they know America’s gonna do *something* unpleasant.
      But that’s not really the point of this reply. I want to concede that, yes, Julian Assange certainly does appear to be a prick. But that’s kind of irrelevant. The way I’ve read it, these 2 women he allegedly molested weren’t particularly put out by it at the time. One of them carried on seeing Assange, having sex with him on multiple occasions after the alleged molestation. A Swedish prosecutor apparently decided there was no case to answer and the matter was dropped. Then the huge leaks happened, and suddenly, due to political pressure, the case was reopened. It certainly seems to me (and lots of other people – the net’s swarming with every opinion possible) that there’s some kind of plan to extradite Assange to the USA via Sweden. IIRC there are problems extraditing someone from the UK to a country that may execute the alleged criminal. And I believe Sweden has a different rendition arrangement with the USA. I think Assange will be extradited from the UK to Sweden, then on to the USA. At which point the faeces may meet the fan, if the story about Assange’s “insurance policy” is true.
      But yeah, Assange is a dick. So what? You want to kill people for being dicks? Assange is simply a pioneer in this kind of info-leaking. Maybe wikileaks will continue without him, maybe not. But as you say, there are other people who are prepared to continue the task.
      Please try to remember, Wikileaks gave the Iraq and Cablegate docs to responsible newspapers, whose responsible journalists did their best to redact names and other overly-sensitive info. As for blood being spilled because of the leaks: I haven’t seen a report linking the Stockholm bombing with the extradition attempt. Crazy terrorists have been murdering people since long before Wikileaks appeared, and no doubt crazy terrorists will continue to kill and maim the innocent regardless of Assange’s fate.
      It’s ridiculous to blame Assange for governmental desires to control the internet. They’ve wanted to do that for ages, and there have always been “reasons” for them to do so. Assange is a publicity-whore with an apparent preference for bareback riding. But it is partly due to his hunger for attention that this debate about whistleblowers and secrecy got started. I doubt very much there will ever be statues of Assange in town centres. But you never know.

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