Drugs are bad…

A Government health warning, probably
Of course drugs are bad! How can anyone even doubt it?
Cannabis is highly addictive – and its use inevitably leads to moral inturpitude, irreversible brain damage, permanent psychosis, then finally massive internal organ failure and death.
I heard this from the resident right-wing moron in my local bar, so it’s gotta be true… right?
On a more serious note: a while ago the government here in the UK reclassified cannabis: it used to be a Class B drug, now it’s Class C. This means it’s possession, etc, is seen as a less serious crime – in the old days, if the police caught you in possession of a smoke, they’d arrest you; now, they may just “report” you and a summons to magistrates court might come in the post some time later – they may even just tell you off and take no further action! This was done because of the heaps of evidence that cannabis isn’t addictive, has few health risks, it doesn’t automatically cause users to “graduate” to heroin (despite what my pal the resident right-wing moron and his ilk would have you believe) – in short, it’s as “harmless” as drugs get… less harmful than those good old legal comforts tobacco and alcohol. But now the UK Government is thinking about making cannabis a Class B drug again. And why? Because of “new evidence” that the so-called extra powerful strains of weed like skunk and Northern Lights might occasionally cause mental illness in people who are predisposed to such conditions.
So, the idiots in the government might erase the good they have done, and get back to criminalizing generations of youths who would never dream of committing a crime other than smoking dope.  And why?  Not because of this “newly-discovered healthrisk”, that’s for sure.  “New” Labour has got where it is by pandering to  “middle england” – a group of people who are conservative in nature, born right-wingers, who hate evil liberal ideas like letting folk do what they want if they’re not hurting anyone else.
“Let people take drugs?!  Nooo!  It’s nasty, make baby Jebus cry! Stop them stop them STOP THEM NOW!!”  Sheesh!!! I guess common sense isn’t a requirement when applying to become a politician.