DEFCON 17 talks and presentations released online

I don’t know how long this has been up – I only just noticed it – but audio and video files of talks and presentations at this year’s DEFCON are now available for free download.  For those who don’t know: DEFCON is the USA’s premier hacker’s conference, held every year in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to attend – the Atlantic Ocean is very wide and deep and I’m allergic to water – but I’ve been able to enjoy the talks and presentations via audio or video thanks to the fact that the DEFCON organizers create each year an archive of presentation media.
DEFCON 17 took place at 30 July-2 August, but they’ve only just got round to posting links to the archive.  But that’s okay: I get to enjoy the con without having to travel to the USA (wide and deep, remember?); and, most importantly, without having to fork out any money.  Free downloads, y’know?
Various well-known security and internet characters take part every year.  Famous names in 2009 include Bruce Schneier, Dan Kaminsky and Jason Scott.  I particularly enjoyed Jason Scott’s talk, “That awesome time I was sued for two billion dollars“.  There are fun talks, heavily technical demonstrations… the whole kaboodle.  I strongly recommend checking it out if you’re in any way interested in computer security and the hacker culture.  It is free after all!

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