DEFCON 18 Presentations audio files available for free download.

So DEFCON 18 has been and went.  Who went?  No, neither did I.  I live thousands of miles from Las Vegas, on the wrong side of an ocean, and I’m not too sure I’d be allowed into the USA anyway.  So I just love those wonderful audio and video files of the DEFCON talks and presentations that eventually appear on the DEFCON site.

Yes, eventually is the operative word.  The videos and audio files aren’t posted immediately for free download.  The DEFCON people want to squeeze a bit more blood out of the stone first, so they sell the material on DVDs for a while, before letting us uncouth freeloaders fill our boots.
So, if you want to buy a DEFCON 18 DVD, go to – I’m sure you’ll find someone there only too pleased to take your coin.  But if you’re like me – you want it, you want it free, and you want it now – go check this site.  You’ll find mp3 files of most of the talks there for free downloaded.  As of this date (14 September 2010) there are no links to get the videos.  And some of the “mp3 links” aren’t actually links to mp3 files at all – some point to .BIN files, and even though I run a Linux box I don’t like to click on links to binaries.  Call me careful, or paranoid – I don’t care.  If you want to see what’s in the .BIN files, download a few and let us know what happens in Comments.
Even though I’ve only been able to find audio files of the presentations so far, it’s possible that the DEFCON people can unwittingly help us out.  If you go to and browse to the DEFCON 18 archive page, you’ll find that white papers and slides for some of the talks are already available.  Match the right slides with the right mp3 file, and it’ll be like you were actually in Vegas.  In fact, I think I’m gonna go down to the casino floor and play some dice before the next presentation starts.  I gotta catch Dan Kaminsky’s talk, that guy rocks!!

DEFCON 17 talks and presentations released online

I don’t know how long this has been up – I only just noticed it – but audio and video files of talks and presentations at this year’s DEFCON are now available for free download.  For those who don’t know: DEFCON is the USA’s premier hacker’s conference, held every year in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to attend – the Atlantic Ocean is very wide and deep and I’m allergic to water – but I’ve been able to enjoy the talks and presentations via audio or video thanks to the fact that the DEFCON organizers create each year an archive of presentation media.
DEFCON 17 took place at 30 July-2 August, but they’ve only just got round to posting links to the archive.  But that’s okay: I get to enjoy the con without having to travel to the USA (wide and deep, remember?); and, most importantly, without having to fork out any money.  Free downloads, y’know?
Various well-known security and internet characters take part every year.  Famous names in 2009 include Bruce Schneier, Dan Kaminsky and Jason Scott.  I particularly enjoyed Jason Scott’s talk, “That awesome time I was sued for two billion dollars“.  There are fun talks, heavily technical demonstrations… the whole kaboodle.  I strongly recommend checking it out if you’re in any way interested in computer security and the hacker culture.  It is free after all!

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