Police given the green light to kill protestors

16 months ago, Constable Simon Harwood of London’s Metropolitan Territorial Support Unit killed Ian Tomlinson at the anti-G20 protests… even though Tomlinson was not a protestor. He was an innocent bystander, passing by the area of the protest to go home and watch football on TV. Yet there is video footage of Constable Harwood shoving him viciously from behind. Tomlinson died minutes later, because of internal bleeding caused by the assault according to 2 separate post mortems.
Yet, 16 months later, the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service have decided that Harwood will face no disciplinary action. The authorities have decided, yet again, that the police can kill with impunity.
Remember Jean Charles de Menezes? He was the Brazilian electrician shot dead on the London Tube by police officers in the wake of multiple terrorist attacks, even though he had nothing at all to do with those attacks. Well, Tomlinson’s another one – an innocent man brutally killed by police officers. Neither Tomlinson nor Menezes had anything to do with crime, yet both were murdered. By the police. And the officers involved have been told that their actions were legitimate. In other words: the police can kill whoever they like, whether there’s a reason or not.
Take my advice: if you see a police officer anywhere near you, get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Don’t stop, even if the police tell you to stop. And don’t let the police corner you, as they did Menezes and Tomlinson. Because the police will kill you, even if there are hundreds of witnesses present. Tomlinson’s murder was televised for fuck’s sake! No one is safe so long as these psychopaths are allowed to do what they want. Fucking murderers.
Oh, and before someone tells us that the CPS made their decision because of differences between medical opinions on the cause of death: there were 3 post mortems; 2 of them, including the PM ordered by the Met itself, found that Tomlinson died because of internal bleeding caused by the assault. There’s very little doubt that Tomlinson was murdered. But the CPS and its political masters refuse to put their hired hands on trial for their heinous crimes.