BNP membership list leaked again. Nazis worried. released a membership list for the British National Party 2007-8. And they’ve done it again: a list of BNP members in 2009.
Unfortunately, is currently offline while its owners seek funds (please support generously) and the Wayback machine doesn’t have anything that recent from the site. But I can provide a link to a .xls spreadsheet of the list (I checked the link today, 25 Jan 2010, and it appears to be okay. Though I cannot verify the accuracy of the info).
I also found a pretty map, courtesy of the Guardian, showing BNP membership in the UK. You can download the map here.

Oh yeah, and check out this:it’s a BNP member proximity search. You type in your postcode, and it gives you the names and postcodes of BNP members close to you. The site was originally created with the 2007-8 list, but it’s been updated to include data from the 2009 leak.  EDIT: the proximity search is no longer online. Just as well really, the info was 5 to 7 years out of date, many of the dweebs will have gone over to Ukip or something now. (24 May 2014).
Some people might say that some of the stuff I’ve linked to invades the privacy of innocent people. To which I reply: Bollocks! No members of the BNP deserve to be called innocent. Though of course I would try to discourage anyone from using the info to do anything illegal. Crime doesn’t pay!!

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