Chaos Communication Congress 2009: media files of presentations available for download

No one can say the Chaos Computer Club is slow off the mark. The 26th Chaos Communication Congress, the CCC’s annual tech conference ended just the other day, and the German hackers have already posted on the internet audio and video files of the various talks and presentations. You can download video (.mp4 and iPhone-friendly .mp4) and audio files (.mp3 and .ogg) here.
I haven’t had a chance yet to view any of the files, but I will as soon as I can. The CCC made big news by announcing they’d successfully cracked GSM cellphone encryption – you can read reactions in the tech press here and here. This isn’t just big news – it’s massive (though GSM spokespeople have been dismissing its importance) – as soon as I’ve checked out the presentation and looked at any accompanying documentation I’ll post my badly informed opinion. But right now I can’t see how cracking GSM could be dismissed as unimportant; it has up to an estimated 3 billion users worldwide, which surely makes it very important to a lot of people. I think the GSM Association is blowing smoke out of its ass trying to minimize the bad press. But will my opinion change once I’ve studied the materials? Watch this space!
I doubt the GSM crack will be the only thing at 26C3 to grab my attention. I recommend anyone with an interest in IT (in)security to go look at the media files of presentations that always become available after a hacker conference. For instance, you can get video/audio of DEFCON17 talks here, and recordings from the Dutch hacker camp HAR2009 here. I find this stuff so interesting… and seriously educational too. So check it out, peeps!

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